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‘It changed me as a person:’ Weasel Head’s journey began with one decision

Apr 24, 2020

She knew something needed to change. Tiffany Weasel Head, her husband Casey and her four children – ranging in age from two to six – were struggling to make ends meet, with no end in sight. But she had an idea. A way out. She wanted to go back to school.

“I told my husband, and he was totally supportive,” says Weasel Head. The family made sacrifices. Casey quit his job to stay home with two-year-old Cale...

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CTLI captures office culture in a digital space

Lethbridge College’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation (CTLI) has recreated the atmosphere of the physical office in the digital environment of Microsoft Teams, through the creation of organized channels that reflect the diversity and creative culture that drives its efforts. The CTLI Team Hub is the result of a partnership between Melissa Reed Boogaart, regional operations assistant, and Megan Colgan, administrative assistant. 

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Science Fair goes virtual with contributions from Lethbridge College staff

When instructor Kelly Oikawa hatched a plan to move the Lethbridge Regional Science Fair and Science Olympics online, organizers bubbled with the kind of enthusiasm that might be expected from a homemade volcano experiment. Though students won’t be able to interact with judges or meet fellow participants, Oikawa says the online format has some advantages...

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Distance can't stop CYC students from giving to their practicum sites

When the global pandemic hit, second-year Child and Youth Care students found themselves distanced from their final practicums, a key requirement to program completion. By applying knowledge and skills, they've created resources that could be beneficial to agencies long after the students have moved on.

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If you build it (virtually), they can come: Multimedia Production student constructs Minecraft graduation

When Multimedia Production students at Lethbridge College wake up on their Convocation Day, they’ll get to attend the ceremony in an arena created by one of their classmates – in Minecraft. Armed with little more than virtual pickaxes, redstone and a ton of experience crafting freeform online worlds, soon-to-be-grad Caleb Moberg led the creation of an arena...

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LC-Nichole-Ham-web-teaser.jpgCriminal Justice student channels Queen of Soul for video assignment

The powerful voice of Aretha Franklin coming through his headphones was just the first surprise that greeted a Criminal Justice - Policing instructor as he sat down to grade a student video. He quickly learned that it wasn't the only surprise in a one-of-a-kind video produced by one of his students for a class assignment. Before his eyes was a demonstration of traffic signals unlike any he had seen before.

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LC-Carl-Abellana-web-teaser.jpg Nursing student bridges gap between seniors and their families

The global pandemic has cast a shadow of uncertainty on every aspect of how we work and live. But for Lethbridge College nursing student Carl Abellana, that shadow was more of a spotlight, shining on his passion for nursing and proving his winding road to the profession was worth every twist and turn. With a strict limit on visitors to the facility, he saw the need for comfort and connection between residents and family members in unsettling times.

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LC-Charlie-Christensen-web-teaser.png Multimedia students want to you to #CatchOurPhone

A group of Lethbridge College Multimedia Production students just proved their mad marketable skills of flexibility, collaboration and innovative thinking by creating an online event that captures the essence of self-isolation and the role of technology to keep us connected. They planned, designed and marketed an online event called #CatchOurPhone.

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LC-Taryn-Fawcett-Berthelot-web-teaser.jpg Students turn to video to complete practicums

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Early Childhood Education students who were in the middle of their practiums were left with a question - how do you gain experience from observing children, when you no longer have access to children? Faculty and students turned to a video program they already used, and adapted it to ensure their learning could continue.

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LC-Bartley-courtroom-web-teaser.jpg Order in the [online] court

As far as educational rites of passage go, the experience Criminal Justice students have of “testifying” in the mock courtroom at Lethbridge College ranks pretty high. The hands-on learning opportunity usually takes place in a small classroom at the end of the Andrews wing, which is outfitted with wood panelled walls, a leather-lined judge’s bench, a witness stand, a well-worn Bible, and leather-lined tables and podiums for the prosecutor and defence...

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Focus on student success during COVID-19 pandemic

Balancing the health and safety of its entire campus community with the learning needs of its students has been the recent focus for Lethbridge College. As of March 18, all classes were moved to alternate online delivery models to ensure students can remain socially distanced to help stop the spread of COVID-19, while also successfully completing their academic terms.

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