Technology, Environment and Design

Welcome from the Dean

Terry Kowalchuk

Welcome to the Centre for Technology, Environment and Design.  I invite you to discover our programs, faculty, facilities and services and to feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Our centre is proud of the dynamic, hands-on programming that we offer in the fields of information technology, engineering technology, environmental sciences, agriculture sciences, and media and design. The curriculum in our certificate, diploma and degree programs is developed with the aid of industry advisory partners to ensure our graduates connect with career opportunities after they graduate.   

Our faculty bring a wealth of real-world experience to our classrooms, labs, studios and field settings.  They help to blend theoretical information with applied techniques to allow our graduates to succeed in their area of study. Applied research conducted in our programs allows students the opportunity to develop skills of inquiry and reasoning as well as a deeper understanding of their chosen field. 

We are proud of offer students the opportunity to study and work in state-of-the-art facilities including our new Trades, Technologies and Innovation Facility and the renovated Cousins Science Centre.  Our new labs in architectural animation, virtual and augmented reality, and computer information technology provide space for our new and expanding programs. 

Our centre’s commitment to student success is evident in the experience we have created.  Student success is built on a foundation of excellence in teaching and learning, developed with a connection to industry partners, and results in an experience that will prepare students to meet the challenges of the future. 

We look forward to welcoming you to campus.


Terry Kowalchuk

Centre Spotlight

Wildlife Analytics Lab

A made-in-Alberta solution to data procurement, Lethbridge College’s new Wildlife Analytics Lab is working toward improving wildlife conservation and management in Canada by providing cementum analysis of wildlife teeth. The campus lab is already receiving tooth analysis contracts from agencies and researchers across the country.

Visit Wildlife Analytics Lab

Lethbridge College CIT Students

Lenovo Case Study

In an effort to provide the best learning experience possible, CIT assigns Virtual Machines to students in certain 2nd year CIT courses. Even before the Pandemic, this allowed students to remotely access their custom compute environments. With rising student numbers, and the COVID-19 work-from-home mandate, the current solution wasn’t going to keep up – so we called our friends at Lenovo.

Students Earn Accolades For Lacrosse Stick Design

School of Engineering Technologies

A team of former-Lethbridge College engineering design and drafting technology students say they have found the answer to building a better lacrosse stick.

The group received recognition from the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET) as one of the provincial finalists for the 2020 Capstone Project of the Year Award.

Normal lacrosse sticks may be composed of steel, aluminum, carbon fibre, and other materials, such as wood and titanium.

Seeing progress with technology gives new hope to the future of the sport.

Environment and Climate Change Canada Donation

On January 13, 2020 Environment Canada and Climate Change Wildlife Enforcement Directorate (ECCC WED) donated a full skeleton mount of a Siberian tiger with it’s accompanying hide and skull.  The tiger was domestically raised at St. Paul Silverspur Wildlife Ranch and when it passed the Ranch along with the following partners had the tiger mounted for educational use.  The tiger skeleton was mounted by Royal Tyrrell Museum, the base was made by K&K Taxidermy and funding for the project came from BP, Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife foundation and Alberta Community Development. 

Part of the duties of ECCC WED is fulfilling Canada’s mandate under our commitment to the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES).  Although this specific tiger was not involved in trade its species is endangered and listed in CITES appendix 1 (the highest level of protection) and their trade is controlled.  This tiger was donated to ECCC WED for the use of educating officers and the general public about CITES and the animals it protects. 

Lethbridge College offers a diploma in natural resource compliance and a degree in conservation enforcement. ECCC WED decided to donate the tiger to the College so that its students and visiting public could continue to learn from the tiger. 

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