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Chef Mark Dieser

The Lethbridge College community is fortunate to have so many experts in our midst! Connections invited some of these experts to share helpful advice for our COVID-19 times. This week, Chef Mark Dieser collected tips from his fellow chefs about must-haves for your pantry. Note, there is no need to hoard food. But here are some versatile staples worth having on hand any time:

  • Pasta and rice. These dry goods have a long shelf life and you can use them with almost anything. Check out these seven recipes for four-ingredient pasta dishes or seven easy rice recipes for your rice cooker or stove top. Chef Mark’s secret website weapon: Kraft Canada’s What’s Cooking The recipes are all heavily branded for Kraft products but easily substituted with what you have on hand. The recipes tend to be easy and family friendly.
  • Canned tomatoes. They go with rice and pasta and pretty much everything else!
  • Canned beans. They’re rich in protein if you want to go meat-free for a meal.
  • If you have trouble finding milk, try experimenting with dairy-free milk alternatives. They can be stored unopened for many weeks and can be substituted in most recipes calling for milk. Almond milk is popular, but you could try cashew, oat or coconut milk and experiment to find your favourite.
  • Canned convenience meals, like Chef Boyardee. Your kids will think it’s a treat, and you can sneak in canned, fresh or frozen vegetables and they won’t even notice the extra nutrition.
  • Baking essentials. We’re saving this and a recipe from Chef Amanda Kawchuk for next time!