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privacy icon.png Our friends in the Institutional Planning, Analysis and Risk Services team wants you to think about protection of privacy when working from the privacy of your home. Here are some tips to keep confidential information private.

  • When using personal devices, make sure all college information is stored in college systems (e.g. SharePoint, OneDrive), not on your desktop.
  • When there’s a legitimate business need to transfer confidential information from office to home, keep it out of sight and under lock and key. If you don’t have a file cabinet at home, use a locked room.
  • Minimize at-home printing and disposal of hard copies. If you do have to dispose of college records that contain personal or confidential information don’t just throw them in with your trash or recycling. Shred them or store them securely until you can dispose of them in an on-campus shredding bin. Paperwork you no longer need can be treasure to identity thieves if it includes personal information.
  • Have meetings and discussions behind closed doors, or in a private space (cats and dogs can still sit on your lap).
  • Don’t leave college records or IT equipment such as laptops or USBs in your vehicle overnight.