Making a Difference

The Lethbridge College awards application system is now open. For students about to graduate from or continuing their studies at Lethbridge College, they have until May 1 to apply for a wide range of financial awards. Students who started a new program in January 2020 or who are planning to enter Lethbridge College in September have until  July 1 to apply. This year, a record $720,000 in internal awards are available. With provincial scholarships, that means college students can receive about $1.35 million in awards this year.

Here are tips for students you know on how to successfully apply for scholarships, courtesy of Linda Sprinkle, manager of the Student Awards and Financial Aid office:

Before you apply:

  • Work hard and get grades. Hard work counts. Make your studies a priority.
  • Don’t count yourself out if you’re not a straight A student. Many awards consider other factors, such as need, athletics, community service or a good story.
  • Make a good impression with your instructors and fellow students. A positive attitude, hard work and being a help to others can make a difference.
  • Volunteer your time. It looks good on a resume and on an awards application.
  • If you have a paid job, do well at it. A reference letter from your employer can help boost your award application.

Start the application process early. Some awards require reference letters. Contact your references and give them time to respond. Get references that are relevant to the award you’re after.

Give your award application your time and attention: Don’t rush. Read and answer the questions as thoroughly and as thoughtfully as possible. A one- or two-word answer might make sense to you, but to the awards committee reading your responses, it might not be enough to convince them. Some questions ask for a short essay so write one.