Executive Leadership Team

Founded by forward-thinking members of the community, Lethbridge College remains true to its mission and vision under the direction of the Executive Leadership Team, led by the college's President and CEO, Dr. Brad Donaldson. In the spirit of accessibility, affordability, quality, accountability and diversity, ELT provides strategic leadership in the translation of board ends to strategy and the operationalization of our vision and mission.


Dr. Brad Donaldson,
President and CEO


Dr. Samantha Lenci,
Provost and Vice President - Academic


Dr. Kenny Corscadden,
Vice President - Research and Partnerships


Coreen Roth,
Vice President - People and Engagement


Tracy Holt,
Chief Financial Officer


College Leadership Council and Deans’ Council

Lethbridge College is guided by the work of members of the College Leadership Council (CLC) and Deans’ Council. CLC helps shape the college’s strategic direction and provide leadership on significant college-wide initiatives, while Deans' Council provides planning, management, supervision and accountability for all academic matters at Lethbridge College.

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Lethbridge College vision

Leading and transforming education in Alberta.

Lethbridge College mission

Lethbridge College inspires and facilitates learning and innovation to meet economic and social needs.

Our strategies

  • Academic Transformation: We will collaboratively create innovative and creative learning experiences that meet the diverse and integrated needs of learners, the economy and society.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: We are model collaborators focused on achieving unprecedented levels of collaboration in education.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: We will embrace the full spectrum of innovation as we cultivate entrepreneurial activities.
  • People Development: We develop our people to realize their highest potential.

Our values and principles

  • People: We treat each other with trust and respect and support professional development for all employees.
  • Learner Success: We deliver current and relevant learning experiences and applied research opportunities, and we provide effective learner support services.
  • Quality: We strive for the highest standards of performance and innovation in all areas of the college, including programs, services, applied research and scholarly activity.
  • Collaboration: We work together within and between departments, and with community partners, business and industry, and other educational institutions to enhance student learning, mobility and employment.
  • Sustainability: We cultivate a college environment that supports continuous development of social, economic, cultural and environmental sustainability.
  • Accessibility: We create and maintain flexible learning pathways that enable learners to achieve their educational and career goals.
  • Diversity: We provide a safe and inclusive learning and working environment for a diverse population of people.