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Are you missing your ergonomic office set up? Are you working at a dining room table and chair that weren’t meant for seven hours of computer work? If so, Be Fit for Life feels your pain and is offering ways to counter it!

Diane Gallagher, projects coordinator at the Be Fit for Life Centre, has these tips for staying healthy at your desk:

  • Get up and move regularly.
  • When it’s break time, stand, walk, get a breath of fresh air, drink some water and stretch!
  • Hold these stretches for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat twice. Make sure the stretch is gentle and comfortable.

Desk Stretches-1.png

Also today, thanks to Be Fit for Life instructor Donna Mentanko-Tiefenbach for this 26-minute Yoga for Office Professionals video.


BFFL Yoga for Office Professionals.jpg