Campus News
Cheryl Ritzen

Here is a body weight program Cheryl Ritzen from Recreation Services suggests for staff and students missing their fitness centre. No special equipment is needed. If you’re not sure what the exercise looks like, search the name on YouTube for a demonstration or you can contact Cheryl.

Do one circuit at a time of 12 to 15 reps and three to four sets. Rest one minute after completing each round.

Goblet squats, two pulses at the bottom.
Alternating forward lunges (load front heel as you return to starting position).
Squat jumps.

Renegade rows (aim for four to five on each side).
Mountain climbers.

Bulgarian lunges (lean in to load more glute).
Hip thrusts (¼ pulse at the bottom and top).
Alternating split squats.

Wall push-ups or decline push-ups .
Chair dips.
Plank jumping jacks.

For more workout ideas or plans, e-mail Cheryl Ritzen.