1. Submit Your Application

Applying to Lethbridge College has never been easier. We’re part of ApplyAlberta, your one-stop application site that allows you to apply to Lethbridge College and authorize the transfer of your Alberta high school and/or post-secondary transcripts.

To assist you with your application, it is recommended that you have the following information readily available:

  • a list of courses (high school and/or post-secondary) you are currently completing (if applicable)
  • an Alberta Education Student Identification Number (if applicable)
  • A credit card (Visa or MasterCard) to pay the non-refundable application fee. 
    • If you are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or a refugee in Canada, your application processing fee is $100
    • If you are an international student, temporary resident (with a study permit, work permit, or visitor visa), or living in Canada but do not have a permanent resident or refugee status, your application processing fee is $150

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If you do not have a credit card for payment, please contact [email protected].

Go to ApplyAlberta Application Process for steps on how to complete the application.  If you need help with your application, contact the ApplyAlberta Help Desk.

ApplyAlberta Help

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:15 AM to 4:30 PM (MST/MDT), closed on holidays
Phone: 780-644-2696
Toll Free (within Alberta): dial 310-0000, followed by 780-644-2696
Email: [email protected]


2. Application Deadlines and Availability

Programs tend to fill quickly; therefore we strongly recommend applying early. The table below indicates the general application open and close dates, however, please be aware that some programs may close applications early due to high demand.  

If applicants are applying to more than one program for the same term, a separate application and fee will be required for each application. Applicants may only accept an offer for one program per term.  

Please note that application and document deadlines vary by term and Canadian residency status.  

Applicant TypeDeadline Type


Spring 2024Fall 2024Winter 2025Spring 2025
AllApplication OpensJune 1, 2023October 1, 2023February 1, 2024June 1, 2024
DomesticApplication Closes & Unofficial Document DeadlineMay 7, 2024September 3, 2024January 3, 2025May 6, 2025
Official Document DeadlineMay 10, 2024September 11, 2024January 13, 2025May 19, 2025
(Non-Study Permit Holder or Study Permit Holder Outside of Canada)
Application Closes & Unofficial Document DeadlineFebruary 1, 2024May 1, 2024September 1, 2024January 1, 2025
Official Document & Study Permit DeadlineApril 1, 2024August 1, 2024December 1, 2024April 1, 2025
International On-Shore
(Study Permit Holder Within Canada)
Application Closes & Unofficial Document DeadlineApril 1, 2024August 1, 2024December 1, 2024April 1, 2025
On-Shore Official Document & Study Permit DeadlineApril 1, 2024August 1, 2024December 1, 2024April 1, 2025


Check to make sure your program has availability.

Unofficial Versus Official Documents

Unofficial transcripts are documents which are not issued directly by the institution to Lethbridge College. This includes: 

  • If the transcript has been opened by the student
  • If it is a copy (photocopy, emailed copy, etc.)
  • If it was not produced by the institution attended
  • If the official seal is broken
  • If courses are listed as in progress

Transcripts are considered official if: 

  • They are sent directly from the issuing institution/body to Lethbridge College
  • If the official seal is not broken
  • Certified true copies which are stamped and signed by the institution 
  • Digital copies which are sent through vendors such as MyCreds


3. Check Your Requirements 

Once you know which programs you are interested in, you can make sure you have the requirements needed to gain admission. 

Admission Routes Academic Admission Requirements


4. Transfer Credit/Prior Learning 

Get credit for what you know! There are two ways to get credit for what you have learned. 

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is credit given for course work successfully completed at one post-secondary institution and transferred towards the completion of a credential at another post-secondary institution.

Step 1: Apply for Transfer Credit

Applicants must submit a  Transfer Credit Application form  and official transcripts and course outlines (if requested by Lethbridge College) a minimum of one month prior to the start of the term to allow for review of transfer credit and/or prior learning credit in order to determine if outcomes are satisfied and award credit. 

Transfer credit requests will be assessed within 3-4 weeks of the date that all forms and documents have been received. 

Lethbridge College may request that applicants provide detailed course outlines/syllabi for courses that have not been assessed previously. Course outlines must have all essential elements to be assessed. If you receive transfer credit, your LC transcript will indicate a grade of TR for transferred courses. This will not affect your Lethbridge College GPA.

Step 2: Lethbridge College Will Assess Your Eligibility 

Courses Previously Assessed

Transfer credit will be awarded if the following criteria have been met:

  • The course(s) requested were completed at a public institution or an institution recognized by Alberta Council on Admissions & Transfer 
  • The course(s) requested cover at least 80% of the content of corresponding course(s) at Lethbridge College that are either required for the student's program OR qualify as approved electives for the student's program
  • The course(s) requested were completed within the last ten (10) years
  • The student has been offered a seat in a Lethbridge College (LC) program and confirmed the offer   
  • Lethbridge College has received the official transcript from the institution(s) in which the courses were completed

For a list of courses that have been reviewed and approved for transfer credit at Lethbridge College, you can visit the Transfer Alberta Search tool found on the Transfer Alberta website.

Courses Not Previously Assessed

Further information may be needed in order to determine if transfer credit can be awarded. In this case, the course outline (syllabi) must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The course outline should include the following information:

  • Course code and number (if applicable)
  • Title of course
  • Institution
  • Credit value/hours
  • Method of evaluation (components for calculating grade)
  • Course pre-requisites and/or co-requisites
  • Textbook
  • Learning outcomes or description of course content
  • Schedule of topics
  • Lab, practicum, or clinical, if applicable

If the course outline is missing information listed above, it may impact the decision of the transfer credit. Students are responsible for submitted all required information for transfer credit assessment. 

If course outlines are not written in English, a certified translation must be submitted. Self-translations are not accepted. 

Step 3: Transfer Credit is Determined

Once the Registrar’s Office has assessed the course completed, you will be notified to thru your Lethbridge College email of the decision. 

Already Studying at Lethbridge College?

If you are currently studying at Lethbridge College and want to take a course at another post-secondary institution and transfer it into your program, you must request a Letter of Permission. Contact [email protected] for more information. 

Prior Learning Credit

Prior learning credit is awarded if the learning outcomes in a course can be demonstrated through our prior learning assessment (PLA) based on previous coursework and/or work/life experience. 


5. Returning After an Absence

An application to return after an absence is subject to the following conditions:

  • Students who are not enrolled in one or more fall or winter terms are required to submit a new application to Lethbridge College
  • Approval to return after an absence is based on space availability
  • Students accepted to return after an absence are governed by the Academic Calendar pertaining to their year of re-admission as outlined in the college policy and procedure related to graduation requirements
Returning After Academic Disqualification

You must remain in good standing to move forward in your program. You will be placed on academic probation if your GPA falls below the acceptable limit at the end of a term. While on probation, if your next term GPA is again below the acceptable limit, you will be placed on  academic disqualification. Academic disqualification means you are:

  • removed from your program
  • prevented from further registration

You may apply for re-admission to Lethbridge College provided you have not had two disqualified standings in your last two terms of enrolment.

If you have had a disqualified status in your last two terms of enrolment, you must wait at least one fall or winter term after the second disqualification before applying for re-admission.