What happens next matters most

At Lethbridge College, you’ll find the mentors ready to combine your talent with our training. You’ll work with the people who love teaching you the skills you need to be prepared for whatever new changes and challenges tomorrow might bring. And we know that when we add your drive and determination to all of this – anything is possible.

Going to college is an exciting adventure and we are ready to help you create your future at Lethbridge College. The information on this page will help ensure you are aware of the application and admissions processes.

Become a Lethbridge College student

Fitting the puzzle pieces of your future together isn’t always straightforward. But you’re not alone in this. We’ll guide you through the application process, and Career and Academic Advising is always available to help you plan your future.

Understanding the terminology: After you apply but before you accept your Offer of Admission, you’re an applicant. Once you accept your Offer of Admission, you’re a student.

As an applicant, you will be provided with a Lethbridge College ID number and email account. These will provide you access to your 0365 account including email and the student Self Service hub. For more information about Self Service please see the following.

You are responsible for monitoring your email and the online portal. We will primarily use your Lethbridge College email to contact you about your application, so check it regularly.

Choose your program

Turn your passion into a fulfilling career by finding a program that’s right for you. Next, choose to study full-time or part-time, or find a flexible option that works for you.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with options or don’t know which program is right for you, contact one of our advisors or consider applying as an open studies student.

Gather the paperwork

After you find a program that is the perfect fit for you, it’s time to ensure you meet all of the requirements. Different programs have different admission requirements to maximize student success. Check both general admissions and program-specific requirements for your program to ensure you meet all requirements.

Apply for admission

Once you’ve chosen a program and reviewed the admissions requirements, you’re ready to apply. We’ve partnered with ApplyAlberta to make it easy for you to apply anytime during the year. Just follow the instructions outlined on the How to apply page.

What happens next matters most

After you’ve met all the requirements (pending seat availability), you will receive an Offer of Admission. All you have to do is return your acceptance of the Offer of Admission with a tuition deposit. A portion of this deposit may be refundable; please refer to the refund deadline as specified in your Offer of Admission.

And just like that, you’re a Lethbridge College student!

Application Dates

Opening and closing dates for domestic and international applications are outlined on the ApplyNow page.  Applications are processed on a first-qualified, first-served basis, so it’s important to get your application in early. Some programs may use a competitive selection process and limit applications. Programs that use this process have this identified on the program page.

Applicant and Student Records

Any information concerning you, including all documentation provided in support of your application, is kept confidential. Only upon your written authorization is your information released to third parties. For more information, read our Records Management Policy.

All transcripts submitted to the college become the property of Lethbridge College. Neither the original transcript nor copies will be released to you or anyone outside the college.

Transcripts and other supporting documentation of all applicants who are not admitted or who do not attend are destroyed. If you wish to re-apply at a later date, a new set of documents must be supplied.


Registration is the process where you select, or are enrolled in, the courses required to complete your program. Once you have accepted your Offer of Admission, the registration process will begin. Check out the registration page for more details.