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Welcome from the Dean

Dr Kevin Smith

As Lethbridge College’s Dean of the Centre for Business, Arts and Sciences (CBAS), I am pleased to welcome you to our webpage. Whether you are a current or prospective student, a family member or part of our local, national or global community, we are glad you are here.

While CBAS continues to grow and evolve, many of our programs (or their precursors) have been around since Lethbridge College opened in 1957. We offer a diverse variety of qualifications, including certificate and diploma programs, in a wide range of subjects and disciplines. Each year, more than 1,000 students register in a CBAS program or cluster of courses, which are taught by more than 100 experienced and qualified faculty members.

Our programs enhance the professional and personal development of our students to help them achieve their goals, at a time and way that works for them. Whether you are looking to earn your high school equivalency, master English as a second language, or obtain a qualification that enhances future opportunities and provides a springboard for further study or career aspirations, Lethbridge College is the ideal institution to get your start. Our programs and courses are recognized by many institutions for credit and transfer.

Every CBAS student is valued as an individual. We are proud to help our students attain their academic goals and achieve the knowledge, skills, and competencies required for success in their chosen field.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our key contacts for more information.  We are available virtually or through a visit.

I hope to see you on campus soon!

Dr. Kevin Smith

Centre Spotlight

Deans Honours List

Faculty Author's textbook


Natalie Barfuss, instructor in the School of Business, is the new Canadian author for the interpersonal communication textbook: “Look: Looking out, Looking in.” The fifth edition is scheduled for publication in February 2023 and is currently used in the COM 1162 course. The new edition works to highlight equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), and includes a feature from Marcia Black Water, Indigenous Coordinator for CBAS. It also presents additional work-focused content with clear connection to employability skills.

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Lethbridge College offers University transfer courses

University Transfer Start Here

General Arts & Science An affordable start to your education on a diploma course like no other

Business Administration (Accounting, Management, Operations) Business is our business

Exercise Science Ready to give your future a running start

Academic Upgrading Your future is waiting: reboot with high school equivalent courses

Honour Roll


  • Michael Kindley, General Arts and Sciences, Valedictorian
  • Simon Schaerz, General Arts and Sciences Instructor, ACAC Coach of the Year, 2023 Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) Indoor Track Championships
  • Gunnarr Gibb, Exercise Science Student, Second Year, ACAC all-conference team, Gold in men’s 300 metres and 4x200m relay, 2023 Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) Indoor Track Championships
  • Juan Carlos Olivares Contreras, ELC Student, Selected by Minister of Trades, Immigration and Multiculturalism to sit on a panel at upcoming Premier’s Summit on Fairness to Newcomers, March 17, 2023 (
  • Kim Pregernig, Program Coordinator, Employee Excellence Award - Leadership
  • Karl Rejman, Instructor, Employee Excellence Award - Lifelong Learning
  • Jill Burrows, Instructor, PBA Professor of the Year


  • Muneer Nazam, General Arts and Science, LCSA President
  • Joseph Dyck, General Arts and Science, Governor General Medal Winner
  • James Reimer, School of Business Instructor, LCFA/LCSA Teaching Excellence winner


  • Ashley Pierson, Business Administration, First ever Valedictorian


  • Candice Crapo, Administrative Assistant, Employee Excellence Award

Lethbridge College Dual Credit Programs

CBAS contributes to the dual credit courses offered by the college to grade 11 and 12 high school students.

Lethbridge College Dual Credit Programs

A Pattern in his Path

The journey of Shayne Dahl, alumnus of Academic Upgrading and General Studies (2004) to PhD and postdoctoral success represents the path from Lethbridge College to an Advanced degree. See the feature article in the Fall 2021 edition of Wider Horizons.

Nurturing the New Buffalo

Marcia Black Water, Indigenous Coordinator for CBAS, contributed to an article entitled “Nurturing the New Buffalo” about the Indigenous Career Pathways program published on Sept 24 in a special Truth and Reconciliation edition of the Globe and Mail.

Schools & Programs

Academic Upgrading

School of Academic Upgrading

Whether you need to complete high school equivalency courses or upgrade your marks, our Upgrading courses can help you change directions or choose a new path to professional success. Many Upgrading courses are accepted in place of high school courses for admission at Alberta’s universities, colleges and technical institutes, as well as most colleges and universities in the United States.

Kelly Oikawa
Interim Chair
Kelly Oikawa
Candice Crapo
Administrative Assistant
Candice Crapo
School of Business

School of Business

The objective of the School of Business is to provide future business professionals with basic skills and knowledge, as well as the advanced concepts required to work in or run your own business or manage diverse office environments. With a variety of majors available, our program gives you hands-on skills and principles to succeed.

James Reimer
Interim Chair
James Reimer
Connie Wong
Program Assistant
Connie Wong
General Arts

School of General Arts and Science

The School of General Arts and Science offers courses and diplomas that are designed to prepare for employment, enter another college program or transfer to university. Students can build their own personal curriculum from an eclectic mix of courses; pursue majors in English, Psychology-Sociology or Exercise Science; or explore future career pathways from an Indigenous perspective.

University Transfer – Start here

The two-year General Arts and Science diploma program is designed to offer flexibility for students who wish to acquire a broad education in the arts and sciences in preparation for employment, entry to subsequent college programs or transfer to other post-secondary institutions and programs. The diploma offers a wide ranging curriculum with subjects in career and personal skills development, social sciences, sciences, humanities, and English.

The General Arts and Science diploma courses transfer to other colleges and about 95 per cent transfer to other post-secondary institutions. Use the diploma to enter university in year 3 of a chosen degree having used the General Arts and Science diploma as credit to cover the first two years.

Brent Cottle
Interim Chair, General Arts and Science
Brent Cottle
Marcia Black Water
Indigenous Coordinator
Marcia Black Water
Candice Crapo
Administrative Assistant
Candice Crapo
Lethbridge College Logo

Lakeshore Campus

Programming is provided at Lethbridge Correctional Center to incarcerated individuals in three educational streams – Academic Studies, Personal Development and Job Employment Training.  Each stream focuses on a different aspect of inmate education, with a universal goal of providing high quality courses that develop skills to transition successfully back into society.

Please address enquiries to

English Language Centre

English Language Centre

The English Language Centre’s Pathway to English and Academic Culture (PEAC) allows you to learn English in a Languages Canada-approved program and meet most Lethbridge College post-secondary program language requirements. Admission to PEAC may also qualify you to gain a conditional offer of acceptance to a post-secondary program. Learn English and be ready with PEAC!

View our summer 2023 newsletter

Quentin Boehr
ELC Academic Coordinator
Quentin Boehr
Be Fit For Life

Be Fit For Life

The Be Fit for Life Centre is home to our on-campus fitness experts. We are here to support staff, students and community members to lead healthy, physically active lives. Be Fit for Life offers experience and resources for physical activity programming for all ages and abilities. This includes group exercise, workplace wellness and school programming, certifications, and occupational fitness testing and training. BFFL supports Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities for students in the Centre and other college programs. We welcome collaboration with on-campus partners and the wider Lethbridge community.

Caylee Vogel
Program Administrator – Fitness & Recreation
Caylee Vogel
Diane Gallagher
Projects Coordinator - Fitness & Recreation
Diane Gallagher
Jamie Brown
Be Fit For Life Assistant
Jamie Brown

Faculty Profiles

In the News


Pathways to the Trades

Ian Bullock (centre) representing the Lethbridge Construction Association and Lethbridge Regional Safety Committee presents a cheque for a donation of $2,400 to support students enrolled in Lethbridge College’s Pathways to the Trades program.

Languages Canada Logo

English Language Centre Passes Rigorous Languages Canada Accreditation

The college’s English Language Centre (ELC) remains in good standing with its governing agency, Languages Canada, after passing a rigorous accreditation process for the second time in eight years.

The audit, done every four years, ensures the ELC maintains acceptable standards across several categories including admissions, instruction, curriculum, finances, occupational health and safety, records management and more. Documents, some thousands of pages in length, are produced and cover everything from policies to student rights.

“If you don’t have this accreditation, you can’t recruit and register international students,” says Karen Smith, manager, English Language Centre. “Meeting the strict standards of Languages Canada is an accomplishment in itself – hearing that our services are ‘above average’ is a point of pride.”

Languages Canada accreditation is recognized by the Government of Canada and internationally.

Karen says preparing for the audit took months of hard work, not only from herself, but from her entire ELC team as well as Marko Hilgersom, Registrar, and Chiye Kinjo, manager, International Services who sat in on focus groups and helped prepare documents.

“It was a lot of work, and everyone came together to get it done,” she says. “One thing the auditor mentioned is the great collaborative team we have, and I couldn’t agree more. I have the best team. I’m very lucky.”

Congratulations to everyone who worked tirelessly over the past several months so the college’s ELC could pass this accreditation with flying colours. Well done!

Business Administration

Lethbridge College rebrands one of three Business Administration diploma majors

Lethbridge College is rebranding one of three majors offered in its Business Administration diploma program. As of Fall 2022, the General Business major will be renamed Business Operations. The two-year diploma includes a common first year, followed by the choice of one of three majors in the second year: Business Operations, Management and Accounting.

The change from General Business to Business Operations stems from data collected during a recent program review as well as feedback provided by industry partners. Changing the title of the major also aligns with the original intent of the program – to include courses that provide the organizational and entrepreneurial knowledge required to oversee day-to-day business operations. “The name change will make the focus of the major more obvious to potential students,” says Marda Schindeler, Associate Dean, Centre for Business, Arts and Sciences. “It also better highlights the wide-ranging curriculum of the Business Administration diploma while maintaining a connection with the reputation and recognition of the existing qualification.”

In addition to the name change, there will be a minor curriculum adjustment to increase the number of business courses taken in the second year of the program. Courses in the common first year will stay the same, but year two will now include a core three-credit course called Project Management. It will involve a capstone project and work integrated learning opportunities so students can gain industry experience.

School Supplies

Business Student Success

Project Management student projects fall 2022

LC NAVI – Mobile application that will simplify your student life. Our project was to make the LC Navigation application to assist students, and staff members to find their destinations in the college. We find it difficult to locate classrooms in the college, hence we decided to go with this idea. We worked with three CIT students to develop a prototype. Starting with the mapping of the main floor of the IB Commons.

Art for a Cause – Designed to bring together a set of individuals who are interested in the arts and in helping the homeless at the same time. Our main goal was to raise money to contribute to a non-profit organization that supports homes people in the Lethbridge area. We picked Lethbridge Shelter and Stabilization Centre.

Business Club Creation - Our project this semester was restarting the Business Club. We started by re-writing the constitution, re-vamping our vision and mission statements, and then becoming ratified by the LCSA.

Community Service - Our project was a food give back to our fellow students. We accomplished this by working with the local community of Lethbridge to obtain non-perishable food donations to give back to students at the Lethbridge College. We also provided more information and awareness of possible jobs being offered from PepsiCo. A major goal of ours was to put a smile on people’s faces. We obtained a generous donation from PepsiCo. They donated over 2000 single serve chips. The local Save-On Foods on the west side also assisted us and donated over 300 regular sized water bottles.

Salon Fundraiser - The Twisted Salon’s Grand Opening Fundraiser was a huge success, we were able to raise more than our initial goal, the salon was busy with new clientele and we were able to bring awareness for the mindful munchies program. All donations from the silent auction were donated (over $750) to ‘The Mindful Muchies Program’. This program provides lunches to schools all over Lethbridge for less fortunate students. 

School Supplies Drive/Swap – Our project was a fundraising campaign where we gathered school supplies from donors and set up in the center core where student were able to take what they needed for free. Our mission was to make much needed school supplies readily accessible to those who may not be able to afford them in hopes of making the lives of the students at Lethbridge College easer and less stressful. 

Business Club Fundraising - The Business Club would like to start a funding program within the campus of Lethbridge College to which we can assist students and staff of all trades. The event will be fun for both the club, students, and staff who will participate in the event. Participants will be provided with three professional headshots in exchange for a small fee. The purpose of this project is to provide the community Lethbridge College with an opportunity of professional development.

Lethbridge College Business Administration program receives CPA grant

Lethbridge College Business Administration program receives CPA grant for digital accounting simulations

Lethbridge College Business Administration students will soon be gaining valuable skills while saving time and paper thanks to a $41,250 grant to develop digital case studies. The funding comes from the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) Education Foundation, Canada’s only accounting designation, who have recognized that Lethbridge College’s expertise in accounting extends to research and development of teaching practice as well as the teaching itself.

“It has become challenging to offer paper case studies despite their value to students,” says James Reimer, School of Business chair. “With digital simulations, students can complete pre-built, tested case studies online that reflect todays increasing online requirements for business. Cases are graded automatically, and the progress of each student is available to instructors in real time enhancing student learning by allowing for more valuable and timely feedback.”

The grant will be used to purchase CollegeCasePro software licenses for three years. Funding also allows for the development of three unique case studies each year over the course of three years and the opportunity to expand the scope of cases by adding up to three modules, such as bank reconciliations. The digital case studies were piloted last fall and the software will be available to all first year Business Administration students in Fall 2022.

Riipen logo

Students collaborating with real business partners

This semester, students are excited to be working with real business partners in several classes in the School of Business including Advertising, Advanced Small Business Management, and Project Management. Some of the business matches came through Riipen, an online service that helps students and classes match with businesses looking for collaboration on projects.

“I was amazed at how many businesses were looking for students to help with projects. When I posted my classes, I had immediate responses requesting our students. Within days, I was able to meet with the businesses and line up partners for Advertising and Small Business Management,” said Natalie Barfuss, a business instructor.

“My students are having their first client meetings this week. It’s a great opportunity to apply the skills they’ve been learning.”


Women Building Futures LC Collaboration

ACU instructors Sarah Yavitu, Joyce Shigehiro and Lee Nemeth were involved in teaching upgrading math and science to a group of women in a program called Women Building Futures.  It is an introduction to the trades, which gives a little taste of all the trades opportunities. The great thing about this program is the students get hands on experience with all the different trades that the college has to offer.  ACU instructor role is teaching trades math and science to help students with the trade of choice and to pass their entrance apprentice exam.  Also, the program helps them by getting their foot in the door, helping them with their resume and connections in the community. In addition, we as ACU instructors had the privilege of working and collaborating with people from varying programs within the college. This was a great way to connect and to be involved in cross-curricular collaboration within the college community while working with Women Building Futures.

Chamber of commerce

Business Student Completes Industry Placement with Lethbridge Chamber

Kelson Burns, an accounting student in the School of Business, completes his Industry Placement with the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce this semester. The Chamber received funding this summer for two student employees. Burns has had the opportunity to assist with event planning, participated in coordination and meetings with members, developed online content, and gained valuable experience in accounting during this work integrated learning (WIL) experience.

Burns said, “My favorite part of working with the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce is getting the opportunity to attend and assist with organizing our events. These events attract a wide range of influencers in our city from politicians to entrepreneurs. There is no doubt in my mind that the connections I have made at the events will pay dividends going forward.”

CPA Logo

Business Administration program CPA recognition

The Lethbridge College Business Administration program is once again excited to share it has maintained recognition with the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA). 

The annual CPA reporting and evaluation process is significant.  Our result is always good news for a number of reasons including the reassurance that our Business program, in particular Accounting, is doing what it should be doing, including preparing our students for success and further education including pursuing Canada’s only accounting designation – CPA.

Courses that receive transfer recognition with CPA: Acc1170, Acc1175, Acc2250, Acc2251, Acc2271, Acc2273, Bus1166, Bus2292, Ecn1180, Ecn2253, Sts2250, and Tax2251.  With these courses our Business grads are well positioned to pursue the CPA designation.


Sparking Interest in Literacy – Author Visits a Tool to Enhance Learning, Motivation, and Connection

Dr. Amy Hodgson-Bright

This project presented three classes of creative writing students at Lethbridge College with the opportunity to connect with 10 professional authors from across North America to learn about the publishing industry, to form a writing community of their own, and to improve their creative writing. Some of these authors included Deb Caletti, National Book Award finalist and Printz Honor recipient; Sydney Smith, winner of the Governor General’s Award; Victoria Jamieson, National Book Award finalist; Heather Smith, winner of the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award; and Kat Leyh, recipient of the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comic Book.

For many students, this represented the first time they were able to meet and talk frankly with working authors. Students were able to gain real advice about how to query publishers with their writing and learned from other writers about how to self-publish their work.

In 2023, a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Exchange Grant will again support inviting authors to speak virtually to creative writing students at Lethbridge College. This second level of support will increase student involvement in author visits and lay a foundation for student participation in a mentoring program at an academic/creative writing conference.

Key Contacts

Kate Galbraith
Senior Administrative Assistant
Kate Galbraith
Julie Stocker
SILP/WIL Administrative Assistant
Julie Stocker
Marda Schindeler
Associate Dean
Marda Schindeler