Welcome to Ohkotoki’aahkkoiyiiniimaan.

Acknowledgement of Siksikaitsitapi

Lethbridge College is located on lands traditionally occupied by Siksikaitsitapi, the Blackfoot Confederacy. Blackfoot lands extend north to south from the North Saskatchewan River in Alberta and Saskatchewan to the Yellowstone River in the state of Montana, and east to west from the Great Sand Hills in the province of Saskatchewan to the mountainous Continental Divide. Today, four nations make up Siksikaitsitapi: the Apaitsitapi or Kainai (Blood Tribe), the Aapatohsipiikani or Piikani Nation, the Siksika Nation in southern Alberta, as well as the Ampskaapi’piikani or Blackfeet Tribe in northern Montana. As both the traditional and current Land Keepers of this area, the Blackfoot Nations have welcomed people from other Indigenous territories, including all signatory Nations of Treaty No. 7, members of the Foothills Métis District 1, and non-Indigenous people who have come to call the City of Lethbridge home.

It is the intent of our college community to honour the land from a place of connection, Kakyosin, to become fully aware and truly recognize the knowledge encompassed of what it means to say we are on Blackfoot Territory.

Our Blackfoot name….

Lethbridge College proudly carries the Blackfoot name of Ohkotoki’aahkkoiyiiniimaan, Stone Pipe. Pipes are used in the sacred ceremonies of the Blackfoot people to make an offering or a commitment to Iih’tsipaatapi’op, the Source of Life. Our Blackfoot name brings significance to the personal commitment of embarking on post-secondary education, carrying honesty and the integrity needed to fulfill this endeavour, and acknowledging that this personal accomplishment is a transfer of knowledge that you have earned. Its meaning connects our place of learning to the land and to the promise and principle that the land sustains all.

Who you are matters to us

Balancing life as a student can have its challenges and stresses. Lethbridge College is committed to cultivating a supportive environment that recognizes and respects the diverse needs of all students. We work to create an enriched campus environment that supports your holistic health, well-being and success.

Lethbridge College Indigenous Services team offers a “Circle of Services” to assist Indigenous (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) students in their journey of pursuing a post-secondary education. We understand that life outside the classroom is just as important as your time working toward academic goals. Lethbridge College staff members are here to give the support you need.


The Indigenous Services team provides assistance to our Indigenous (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) students – from prospective students to alumni – in achieving their career and personal goals. Through our Circle of Services, you can access:

  • information on programs, admissions, registration and study skills
  • assistance with Indigenous funding, awards and scholarships
  • personal, cultural, academic and career advising
  • social, educational, cultural and sporting events
  • and so much more

Discover all that Lethbridge College has to offer through our Indigenous Viewbook

Read the Indigenous Services viewbook

Your home away from home… The Niitsitapi Gathering Place

The Niitsitapi Gathering Place can be your home away from home at Lethbridge College. It is located in AN1501 and is a gathering place for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. All are welcome in the gathering place to meet old and new friends, use the computers, study, and participate in various student activities throughout the year. The Niitsitapi Gathering Place is the home of the Indigenous Student Support Coordinator and our Indigenous Cultural Support Program.

Meet Our Team

Cultural Support Program

Three Indigenous Elders make regularly scheduled visits to our campus:

Indigenous Services can assist you in accessing available support on campus as well as in connecting you to related community supports.

Through the Indigenous Cultural Support Program, you can connect with Elders, Grandparents, spiritual advisors, leaders and role models. Elders, Grandparents and spiritual advisors make regularly scheduled visits to campus and are available to meet individually with you. This opportunity allows you to benefit from the support, traditional knowledge and guidance of the Elders.

  • Peter Weasel Moccasin, Blackfoot Grandfather
  • Betty Ann Little Wolf, Blackfoot Grandmother
  • Dr. Lloyd Cavers, Métis Elder

*Please Note: For the Fall 2021 semester, Indigenous Elders will be available during our virtual fireside chats. One-on-one virtual appointments are available upon request by emailing [email protected].  

View Indigenous Student Support Guide

Requesting Indigenous Cultural Services for faculty and staff

Inviting a Grandparent or Elder from our Cultural Support Program or a community member from our Indigenous community network to speak in your classroom is an opportunity to embed Indigenous intellectual and cultural ways of knowing into curriculum and learning.

Once you have identified a relevant topic within your course delivery, please complete the online request form. We’ll do our best to fulfill your request. Indigenous Services will provide you with protocols for hosting Grandparents, Elders and community members.

View Cultural Services: Staff & Faculty Support Guide Online request form

The Aiitsi’Poyoip (Blackfoot Speaking) Award of $1,000 is given to students of Blackfoot descent who are actively participating in the preservation and revitalization of Blackfoot culture.

The application period is Nov. 1, 2023 to Mar. 31, 2024.

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Indigenous self-declaration form

In order to create a more inclusive post-secondary learning environment for Indigenous learners, Lethbridge College asks you to self-declare if you are of Indigenous ancestry. By self-declaring as an Indigenous learner, you will:

  • Be considered for scholarships, awards and bursaries dedicated for Indigenous learners.
  • Receive communication from the Indigenous Services team regarding updates and relevant information specific to Indigenous learners, including but not limited to special events, job opportunities, and academic, cultural and social supports.
  • Be sent the annual Indigenous Student Survey to have your voice heard in how Lethbridge College can assist Indigenous learners be successful during their time enrolled at Lethbridge College.
  • Provide information for statistical analysis, which will assist Lethbridge College in tracking its progress towards meetings its commitment to increase the recruitment and retention of Indigenous learners.

View Indigenous Self-Declaration Form