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College instructor Karl Rejman stands in front of a Christmas tree.

Favourite holiday movies are more than fun

Holiday movies become part of family traditions not only because they feature “Christmas goodies” like perfectly wrapped presents, glittering trees, food and family, and well written, quotable lines. The best ones speak to something deeper and give us pause for reflection, says a Lethbridge College instructor, film buff and philosopher.

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Two men stand side by side smiling

Lethbridge College President, Dr. Brad Donaldson, given Blackfoot name

Lethbridge College President and CEO, Dr. Brad Donaldson, has been honoured with a Blackfoot name. The name, Nináímsskaan isttokimaan/Thunder Pipe Drum, was given to him by college Kaahsinnoonik (grandparent) Peter Weasel Moccasin (Miiniipooka/Berry Child) at a Board of Governors event Dec. 5.

Campus News

College flag lowered in honour of colleague

The Lethbridge College flag has been lowered in memory of a valued member of our community. Melissa Reed Boogaart, an operations assistant in the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation (CTLI), passed away suddenly Tuesday.