Campus News

Lethbridge College has been recognized with more than a dozen industry awards for people and projects connected to the Marketing, Communications, Alumni and Engagement (MCAE) team for work completed in 2022. The team received three awards in the international CASE Circle of Excellence competition; four awards from the regional CASE District VIII competition; and seven awards from the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association. These awards showcase the high-quality work happening here on campus, and all of them are true team efforts. Congratulations to everyone involved in these projects, and special thanks to the many people who share and support the team in the telling of these compelling stories.


  • GRAND GOLD: Alumni Relations Initiatives (10-25 staff): Kodiak Coke Cakes
    • Comments from judges: The Kodiak Coke Cake is an impressively innovative concept, combining niche appeal with broad family-friendly appeal, making it truly exceptional. It captured the essence of creativity and inclusivity in a delightful way.
  • GOLD: Magazines: Alumni (two-year institutions): Spring 22, Winter 23 Wider Horizons
    • Comments from judges: Wider Horizons is an outstanding example of well-executed design and compelling storytelling. The submission is both well-planned and well-written, which immediately draws the reader in and engages them with the content. The overall design is not only functional but also beautiful, with great attention paid to the aesthetics of the layout and typography.
  • GOLD: Magazines: Single Topic/Special Editions (all institutions): Never Enough Nature 
    • Comments from judges: This truly felt like a special edition publication—from the unified design elements to the thoughtful and interesting nature-themed stories. We loved the stunning photography and the use of personal stories to highlight the world around them.


Alberta Magazine Publishers Association Awards 2023