Online learning, distributed learning, distance learning – it has several terms, but we call it a flexible, accessible and personalized way for our students to access our programs and courses.

At Lethbridge College, you’ll find most of our programs have an online element. Some are offered exclusively online while others offer a mix of classroom and online learning.

If you live outside of Lethbridge or if you simply require flexibility in your daily schedule, online learning can be an accessible and convenient alternative to the traditional classroom. Through our flexible course offerings, you can:

  • earn college credits without coming on campus
  • choose courses and timelines that suit your goals (and your lifestyle)
  • complete a college program while working

Programs that have an online element typically use one of two formats:

  • Online: The entire program is delivered in an online format. This means that all the course content is available online. You are expected to communicate with the instructor and other students in the class via email, class discussions and group chats, and you’ll submit assignments electronically. Courses may use a variety of interactive online activities and resources.
  • Blended: A program delivered in a blended format combines the face-to-face and online environments. Some courses in the program may be administered online or on campus while others are exclusively face-to-face.

Online Programs

Are you looking for an online program? Experience the community of Lethbridge College from the comfort of your own home. These programs are delivered fully online or with the option of participating in an online cohort. Learning will occur both synchronously (in real-time on a set schedule) and asynchronously (does not occur at the same time or same place). Lectures and labs happen in a digital environment and may use Hyflex video conferences, allowing students to attend classes remotely.

View all our programs on the Program page. 

Is online learning right for me?

Before you apply for an online program or an online course, it’s important to know if online learning is the right choice for you. Find out more about online learning the Learning Café.

Applying to an online program

Applying to an online program is no different than applying for blended or face-to-face programs. Find instructions on our how to apply page.

If you want to register for an online course within a blended program, you can do so online, in person, through email, over the phone or with an advisor. Check the registration section of admissions for more information.

Canvas: your learning management system

Think of it as a virtual classroom. You’ll interact with your instructor and other students on Canvas, our learning management system. You’ll be able to see your course outline and assignments, engage in group discussions and use interactive learning tools. And you can do it all when it’s convenient for you. Of course, you’ll still have deadlines to meet but you’ll choose when (and where) you complete your work.

If there are specific events, such as a video conference, that require you to be on at a certain time, your instructor will inform you.

Assignments and group work

Your instructor will specify how he or she would like assignments turned in. Typically, assignments are submitted through email or directly through Canvas. Depending on your instructor’s preference, she or he may email your marked assignment back to you or post your grades on Canvas

If your course has group work, your group may decide to work independently and email work back and forth, or you might meet online using an online collaboration tool. This decision will be made by your instructor and your group members.

Technical requirements

Canvas supports the last two versions of every browser release, though we highly recommend updating to the newest version of your preferred browser as well as the most up-to-date Flash plug-in. Access to a reliable internet connection, email and word-processing software is also important. Some required components, such as Flash and Java, will help you to view different files and interactive activities within your online course.

Signing in

If you are a first-time Canvas user, you can access Canvas at or open the hamburger menu on this site and scroll to the bottom. To sign in, you’ll use the following information:

  • username: your Lethbridge College email address
  • password: your office365 password

If you are unable to sign in, contact IT at for assistance with your password. You can also visit the Buchanan Library desk for assistance. 

Canvas not working?

Click on Help at the top of your screen in Canvas to bring up several options, including chat support, 24/7 hotline support or the Canvas guides. You can also visit Canvas’ support site.

Exam process

Exams are taken online, on campus or at an approved testing location if you live outside of the Lethbridge area. Exam procedures will vary among courses and not all courses have an exam component. You can arrange your exam through Testing Services by scheduling to take it on campus or by following the online learning exams procedures.


Support for online students

There is a lot of support available for our online students, from Canvas help guides to career and academic advising to counselling.

  • Buchanan Library: Access online databases of the library for scholarly and popular journal articles.
  • Canvas support site: Access this site if you need support for Canvas. You can access videos, tutorials and step-by-step help guides.
  • Canvas guides: Find answers to common Canvas questions.
  • Canvas student orientation course: Use this course for an introduction to Canvas, including how to use Canvas, tips for online and blended learning, how to access institutional support and technology requirements. To access this orientation course, log in to Canvas and look under your list of courses.
  • Career and Academic Advising: Ask quick, general advising questions using our online advising chat.
  • Learning Café Writing Dropbox: Get the feedback and support you need to become a better writer! Submit your assignment by clicking on the Writing Dropbox icon on the right side of this page.
  • New Student Orientation for online learners: New Student Orientation for Online Learners is designed specifically for you as an online learner. This resource will provide you with information on student supports and services to prepare you for your post-secondary journey.
  • Student Employment and Professional Development: Become the candidate of choice for your dream job. We can help with resume building, interview preparation and professional development
  • Virtual Counselling: Our mental health therapists are here to offer one to one, short-term counselling, as well as ongoing counselling workshops and groups throughout the year, year round.  In person and virtual appointments are available.  Contact for more information or to make an appointment.