Career and Academic Advising is ready to support you in a variety of different formats:

Career and Academic Advising has resumed in person drop-in advising and continue to provide our services in the following formats:

Starting September 20, Career and Academic Advising will be offering our service by booked appointment only. To book an appointment, please call 403-320-3366 or visit the reception desk in PA1130.

Booked appointments will resume on September 20th, 2021. To book an appointment (in person or by phone/video chat) with a Career and Academic Advisor, please call 403-320-3366 or email us at

Current Students

We have seven advisors here to help you. Any student can talk with any advisor, but each advisor is an “expert” in certain programs so we always ask what program you are in to try to match you with that advisor if possible.

We do what’s called “developmental advising”, so we teach you how to find what you need, do things you need to do, and how to get help when you need it. We provide you with your options, and you decide what you want to do.

When should I connect with an advisor?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by your coursework and want to talk about your options.
  • Failing a class and want to know how your options and how it will impact your future studies.
  • To create an academic plan to spread your program out over longer.
  • You have a concern and need help understanding college policies.
  • You want to learn more about doing an international exchange.
  • Thinking about taking a break from your studies and want to know how that will impact you when you return at a later date.
  • Want to do an additional Lethbridge College program and need to see you previous coursework will fit.
  • You need help but you aren’t sure where to go. We may not always be the people to help, but we always know who to send you to

How do I pick my classes?

  • Most students are registered into their required courses by the Registration staff
  • Some students need to register themselves into classes
  • Students taking Academic Upgrading courses always work with an advisor. To find out more, check out the Registration page.

How can I make changes to my schedule once I have it?

  • Registration changes are handled by the Registration office. The best way to make your changes it to do it on your own through WebAdvisor. Get instructions.
  • If you try to make your changes but need help, come to advising and we can walk you through it so it’s easier for you next time.

Future students

If you’re just getting started on becoming a Lethbridge College student, make sure to speak with a Recruitment Representative on the Future Students page.

Career Advising

Career Advising will temporarily be unavailable from June 28th - September 15th in order to assist students with their registration and program planning for the upcoming year. Please contact us after September 15th if you are interested in scheduling a Career Advising appointment.

Career development is a lifelong process of thinking about your values, needs and preferences and then using that information to explore work, life and learning options. Advisors work with future and current students to help with this process. Additional career services for current students are available through our Career Development office.

Doing a career interest assessment at Lethbridge College is a two-step process:

  1. Connect with an advisor to discuss and complete the Strong Interest Inventory ®.
  2. Book a one-hour follow up appointment with the advisor to discuss the results of the inventory, and explore next steps towards your career path. There is a small fee ($15.75) to cover the cost of the assessment.

To schedule a Career Advising session, please call 403-320-3366.