Lethbridge College is part of your community

Lethbridge College is devoted to meeting the needs of learners across southern Alberta — on our campus and across the geographic region we serve.

This duty to serve learners across the region is a legislated obligation that’s part of our mandate as a Comprehensive Community College (CCC) as described in the Post-secondary Learning Act of Alberta.

More than a duty, this work is our passion. We work with other post-secondary institutions, community organizations, municipal governments, employers and other partners to enhance access to education and support economic and social success across the region.

We are a part of your community and you are a part of ours. #WeAreAllKodiaks working toward a stronger future for southern Alberta.


What does Regional Stewardship look like?

  • Stewardship initiatives often involve community members and local organizations, creating opportunities for community engagement and building relationships.
  • Regional stewardship initiatives can help to create new jobs, help local businesses by connecting them to work-integrated learning opportunities and to stimulate local economies.
  • Working together, we can identify workforce trends and help with the training and skills our regional economy needs most.
  • In partnership with schools in your community, we provide dual credit opportunities; science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) resources for classroom use; Green Certificate agricultural training; and opportunities for youth to experience a broad range of career possibilities. 
  • Whether it’s Taber Corn Fest, Fort Macleod Santa Claus parade, or other community events, we’d love to be involved. Share your upcoming events with us. Share your upcoming events with us.


We’re here with you

Lethbridge College understands the importance of being a part of your community so together we can create a more vibrant, connected and sustainable region for all.