The payment of all fees and deposits is mandatory. Lethbridge College Board of Governors reserves the right to change fees and deposits when necessary and without notice. Students enrolled in all terms pay tuition, Technology Infrastructure Fee, and the Athletics Fee. In addition, Students’ Association fees, including student health and dental insurance, are set by the Students’ Association and are collected by the College on their behalf.

Application Processing Fee

This $100 CDN non-refundable, non-transferable processing fee must be remitted for each occasion a student applies to Lethbridge College and for each program to which they have applied. Applicants are given one (1) opportunity to move their application, for the same term, from one program to a different program by completing a Change of Program form prior to the application deadline, with no additional application processing fee. Current students wishing to change to another program for a future term may do so by completing a Change of Program form.


Tuition fees are based on the credits of the course. Athletic fees, technology fees, supplies, GST, and other fees, as applicable, are assessed and charged in addition to these tuition fees. The 2019-2020 Student Fee Schedules had not been finalized as of the date of publication of the Academic Calendar. Please check Lethbridge College’s website for the 2020-21 tuition fee rates on courses and programs and other fees that are applicable for these services at

Projected Credit Tuition Rate for Subsequent Periods: The Alberta Advanced Education Tuition Fee Policy requires institutions to publish four-year credit tuition fee projections in their calendars. In addition to the confirmed 2020-21 credit tuition fee rates as listed on the website, the planned credit tuition rates for 2021-22, 2022-23, and 2023-24 will be set in accordance with the parameters of the Tuition Fee Policy.

The projections for the subsequent periods will be based upon the Province of Alberta consumer price index (CPI) rate.

These rates are subject to annual review and adjustment as determined by Lethbridge College’s four-year business plan cycle in conjunction with student consultation, athletic fees and certain other fees are not included in these projections as they are not subject to the Provincial Tuition Fee Policy and they may be adjusted annually.

For information on tuition deadlines and payment options, visit:

Accounting Services for Students

Students' Association Fees

Student membership fees are established and governed through the bylaws of the Lethbridge College Students’ Association (LCSA). LCSA fees are mandatory for all students enrolled in credit courses.

LCSA fees are assessed upon College registration and are due and payable under the same terms and conditions as tuition fees.

The 2020-2021 Students’ Association fees are assessed at $4.05 per credit for students enrolled in credit courses. Credit courses offered at satellite campuses, through Online Learning and practicum courses, are assessed at $2.22 per credit.

Students’ Association fees collected are distributed to the accounts of the LCSA as follows:

Students’ Council Fund 59%
Capital Purchase Trust Fund 15%
Campus Recreation Fund 24%
Wellness Fund 2%

Health and Dental Plan Fees

The LCSA has implemented Extended Health and Dental plans for students. Extended Health and Dental fees are mandatory for all students who meet the eligibility criteria. All LCSA fees are assessed upon College registration and are due and payable under the same terms and conditions as tuition fees.

Fees for the LCSA Health and Dental plans are as follows:

Annual • 1 year of coverage from beginning of term billed in
Health Dental Total
$141.50 $141.50 $283.00

You may opt-out of the plan if you provide proof of comparable coverage for an extended health and/or dental care benefits plan and complete a waiver form before the opt-out deadline.

Any questions regarding LCSA Fees including the Extended Health and Dental fees should be directed to the LCSA Office 403.320.3373.

Technology Infrastructure Fee

This is a compulsory fee assessed to students enrolling in any credit course (except for apprenticeship programs) at Lethbridge College. The fee supports the on-going maintenance and upgrades to administrative systems that support the entire College infrastructure.

As such, it is not considered a “fee for instruction” and, therefore, not subject to Alberta Advanced Education Public Post-Secondary Institutions’ Tuition Fees Regulations. Any subsequent changes to this fee rate will, however, be included in the consultative process with the student body just as is required with fees applicable under the Tuition Fee Policy guidelines. Visa students are charged the same rate as Canadian residents for this fee.

The Technology Infrastructure Fee is assessed at $14.99 per credit.

Mobile learning

Lethbridge College offers several computer technology intensive programs which incorporate the latest software and hardware into its curriculum to enhance teaching, learning, and graduate employability.

Students enrolled in the following programs are required to purchase a mobile device from Lethbridge College complete with program specific software:

  • Interior Design Technology
  • Engineering Design and Drafting Technology
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Geomatics Engineering Technology
  • Digital Communications and Media

For further information about mobile device fees, go to

Kodiaks Athletics Fee (formerly Athletics Fee)

This compulsory fee is assessed to all students enrolled in any credit courses and is used to fund Kodiak Athletics’ programs. The Kodiaks Athletics Fee is assessed at $2.40 per credit.

Experiential Learning Fee (formerly Field Trip Fee)

A fee that is put towards all costs associated with the delivery of applied and work-related experiences. $80 - $125 per course.

Additional fees

There may be additional charges for field trip costs and for other items in a particular course. These charges will form part of the course cost at the time of registration and be in addition to the mandatory fees.

Supplemental examination

100% of one credit value of the applicable course tuition fee rate.

Prior learning assessment

Fees assessed for prior learning assessments are based on the credit value of the course.

  • 1.5 learning credit course - $90.00
  • 3.0 learning credit course – $180.00
  • 6.0 learning credit course - $360.00
  • CUPP 5.0 learning credit course - $200.00

Re-registration Fee (post add/drop period): $50 per course section excluding labs and tutorials.

Students are responsible for printing on campus. Printing cost for a standard black & white 8.5” x 11” copy is 10¢ per page. Larger format and colour copies are also available at a higher cost. (Prices are subject to change).

This excludes printing from our on-campus printer - Digitex.


Students are responsible for printing on campus. Printing cost for a standard black & white 8.5” x 11” copy is 10¢ per page. Larger format and colour copies are also available at a higher cost. (Prices are subject to change).

This excludes printing from our on-campus printer - Digitex Print Shop.


Paid parking is available on campus at the current approved fee rates.


To view the 2019-20 residence/accommodation rates, please refer to the Residence Life online information.

General regulations governing payment of fees

Final confirmation of acceptance will be contingent upon receipt of the required tuition fee deposit or sponsorship confirmation and the signed Offer of Admission within the dates specified in the Offer.  All fees are due and payable in full, or arrangements made with Accounting Services, on or before the dates defined in the academic calendar.

Students who have not paid their fees or made arrangements with Accounting Services for payment of fees in full, by the scheduled dates will have their registrations cancelled from programs and all courses in which they are currently registered.

Students with outstanding indebtedness to Lethbridge College are placed on Financial Hold and all transcripts, marks statements, parchments, and Student I.D. cards are withheld.  In addition to collection procedures, this will restrict access to the College in the future. The Accounting Services Department should be contacted immediately to resolve any outstanding obligations. Issuance of “NSF” cheques will result in the student not being able to pay with a cheque in the future.

Subsequent to initial registration in various courses, the College does permit a restricted time period for the student to adjust their course load by making such changes through the Registrar’s Office not later than the end of Add/Drop Period.

Changes made will, in all probability, result in an adjustment to the financial fee obligation. Responsibility for the changes in fee amounts will be handled as follows:

  • Tuition fee deposits may be transferred from one program/course to another or from one term to another at the written request of the applicant, subject to entrance requirements being met and availability of space at the time of reactivation. Such transfers are restricted to programs designated as “credit” and scheduled for delivery within the same academic year.
  • All financial obligations must be settled before a parchment, scholarship, medal, prize or grades can be awarded or issued. Students unable to meet fee obligations while awaiting a loan or grant assistance must make arrangements with Accounting Services prior to the fee due date and before attending any classes. Sponsored students must check with their sponsoring agency to ensure which fees or portion of fees would not be covered. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure payment, by the posted dates, of any fees not covered by the sponsoring agency.

Note: Additional fees must be paid at the time the course changes are made. Resulting credit balances may be retained on account or a request may be submitted for subsequent refund to the student and/or the sponsor.

Refunds, individual course drops and program withdrawal timeline information

Please check the important dates and deadlines for updated information regarding timeline periods for individual course drops, program withdrawal and refund of fees.


Policies are a guide to organizational operation and behavior. Members of the Lethbridge College community are governed by policies that are consistent with College values. It is the responsibility of students to be aware of, and comply with, all relevant policies. Full policy information is available on our website: policies-procedures. The majority of policies relevant to students are listed under the categories - Academic Programming & Instructional and Student Services & Support. Other relevant polices such as Parking & Traffic Management are included in the additional categories. If you have any questions, send us an email at