Getting my tuition tax forms

Your T2202 tax form is available on myHorizon at the end of February for the previous calendar year. Follow the steps below to access it.

  1. Log in to myHorizon.
  2. Remaining on the Home page, open the WebAdvisor tab.
  3. Click on Student Info.
  4. Click on View my T2202.
  5. Click on the required tax year.
  6. Download and print the form (two pages).

Note: Make sure that your pop-up blocker is turned off.

If you have any questions about your T2202 tuition tax form, please contact Accounts Receivable at 403-382-6901 or visit us in CE2310.

The amount I paid does not match the amount shown on my T2202. Is this right?

Discrepancies between what you paid and the amount shown on your T2202 most likely occur because you cannot claim any of the following fees as part of your course cost:

  • Students’ association fee
  • Athletic fee
  • Health and dental plan fee

It may also result from enrolment in a distance course, which often extends into another calendar year due to the extended period of time you have for completion. The tax form contains the portion of your tuition fee for the months enrolled in the applicable tax year.

Are any programs not eligible for T2202 tuition tax forms?

Yes, College and University Preparation (Upgrading) and English as a Second Language are not eligible.