At Accounts Receivable, we handle all of the financial transactions at Lethbridge College. You’ll find us in room CE2310 on the second floor of Centre Core.

Students can use Accounts Receivable (located in Accounting Services) to find information regarding:

  • paying your tuition and fees (including sponsorship information)
  • refunds for dropped or cancelled courses
  • your T2202 tuition tax form
  • Lethbridge College gift cards
  • general inquiries about your student account

Please have your student ID number or card when:

  • making payments
  • inquiring into student loans
  • accessing account information
  • picking up cheques

Note: There are times when you may only need your student ID number (e.g. making a phone inquiry) and other times when you must have picture ID. Your student ID card is preferable, though other forms of government issued picture ID are accepted.