Preparing to take the GED

There are two different ways to prepare for your GED tests:

Individual study

Choosing to study on your own allows you to prepare at your own pace using commercial study guides such as the Official GED Practice Tests. GED resources are available at:

GED testing rules

You must comply with the following test rules. Violation of any test rules may result in dismissal from the testing session, cancellation of scores obtained in that testing sessions and the imposition of a waiting period before retesting is allowed.

Prohibited items

  • cell phones
  • tablets and other handheld electronics
  • pagers
  • watches
  • wallets
  • purses
  • hats and other head coverings
  • bags
  • coats
  • books
  • notes

All electronic devices must be turned off and left outside of the testing room.

Student identification

Personal identification with a signature and a photograph is required for your test appointment. We accept:

  • passports
  • driver's licences
  • permanent resident card
  • military identification card
  • province identification card


You are allowed to use a calculator on one section of the GED math test. It must be a Casio fx-260.

For computer-based exams, you are responsible for bringing your own Casio fx-260. The exam supervisor is not allowed to provide you with a calculator. If you forget to bring a calculator, there is an embedded calculator in the Mathematics exam that you can use.

For paper-based exams, the test supervisor will supply the calculator. You are not allowed to use your own calculator. However, if you want to practise on the calculator prior to testing, you can purchase a Casio fx-260 at most stores that carry calculators. We will not lend out calculators for practise.


For computer-based tests, you are only allowed the correct calculator model (Casio fx-260) and an erasable marker and noteboards (provided by the test administrator).

For paper-based tests, only an HB pencil is to be used to record answers on the multiple-choice answer sheet. The final copy of the essay must be written in blue or black ink and must be done on the pages provided in the answer booklet. A dictionary is not permitted.


Computer-based tests have an embedded timer and the exam will automatically close and submit when the time limit has been reached.

If you are writing the paper-based test, you must obey all writing instructions and immediately stop writing when the instruction is given. You will not be given additional time if you are not present at the designated start time.

Entrance to the examination room

Once you begin a test, you are required to stay until you either complete or submit the test. Unscheduled breaks are not permitted while writing the GED and you will not be allowed to re-enter the testing room if you take an unscheduled break. You are permitted to take a 10-minute break between tests.

Note: If you have a health condition that necessitates breaks, you must request an accommodation.


You cannot discuss the test with the test supervisor except for when the test is incomplete or illegible. You cannot ask for an explanation or clarification in reference to any questions on the test.

Materials exchange

Neither copying nor exchanging material between students is allowed. Papers, books and notes in any form may not be used while writing tests. You must not talk, whisper or exchange signs with other test takers.