At Lethbridge College, we understand a career path doesn’t always progress in a straight line. So we’ve created different pathways to help you achieve your life and career goals in a way that works for you. Your future is waiting and the Academic Upgrading program will get you there.

Our upgrading courses, which are accepted in lieu of high school courses at Alberta’s post-secondary institutions, can help you change directions or choose a new path to professional success. Whether you need to complete high school equivalency courses or upgrade your marks, Academic Upgrading will prepare you for where you want to go.

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Career Opportunities

Academic Upgrading courses can lead to many opportunities. Our students have continued into certificate, diploma and degree programs. They have entered professional and apprenticeship programs and have moved on to successful careers. You’ll also find that our courses offer a good foundation for beginning employment.

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of the most accessible upgrading programs in Alberta based on price and course availability


courses on offer including biology, chemistry, physics, science, math and English



September or January

Credential / Accreditation

Credential of Achievement

Application Deadlines

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Program Availability

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New students are accepted into the Academic Upgrading program for courses beginning in the Fall (September) or Winter (January).

General Admissions Requirements

All applicants must meet the general admission requirements for Lethbridge College programs, as indicated in the Admission section of this calendar.

Academic Requirements

The Academic Upgrading program is open to any person who has the desire and the academic skills to be successful at a selected course level. Admission is based on academic background, skills assessment and advisement.


Courses numbered at any of the 0010, 0020, or 0030 levels in this program are accepted in lieu of high school courses for admission at Alberta universities, colleges, and technical institutes, as well as at most colleges and universities in the United States.  However, students do not receive high school credits towards a diploma from Alberta Education.  Lethbridge College issues its own grades and its own credential.

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Delivery Formats

On Campus

This program is delivered in a face-to-face format on the main Lethbridge College campus. Lectures, labs and hands-on training opportunities will all take place on campus in Lethbridge.


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Students register in courses that fit their career goals on the recommendation of the Lethbridge College advising team. Transcripts and placement testing determine the course level placement.

Course offerings may be subject to change. All courses are available face-to-face given sufficient enrolment. Courses below the 0009 level are not available at the main campus.

Course Title Credits
BIO-0020 Biology 0020 6
BIO-0030 Biology 0030 6
CHM-0020 Chemistry 0020 6
CHM-0030 Chemistry 0030 6
ENG-0009 English Basics 6
ENG-0010 English 0010 6
ENG-0022 English 0022 6
ENG-0030 English 0030 6
ENG-0032 English 0032 6
MTH-0009 Mathematics 0009 6
MTH-0010 Mathematics 0010 6
MTH-0020 Mathematics 0020 6
MTH-0030 Mathematics 0030 6
MTH-0032 Mathematics 0032 6
PHY-0020 Physics 0020 6
PHY-0030 Physics 0030 6
SCI-0010 Science 0010 6
High School Equivalencies

Academic Upgrading courses satisfy post-secondary program entrance requirements as substitutes for Grade 12 level courses. No provincial departmental exams are required. The course numbering designates grade levels:

  • Courses numbered 0010-0019 parallel Grade 10 level courses.
  • Courses numbered 0020-0029 parallel Grade 11 level courses.
  • Courses numbered 0030-0039 parallel Grade 12 level courses.

For further details, consult the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer (ACAT) guide or talk to an Academic Advisor.

Course Delivery Options

Our courses are offered in a variety of formats. The format in which a course is offered may change at short notice, depending on enrolments and student needs.

The current delivery formats are:


You will complete the entire course using the online environment.


You will attend class at a scheduled time and location. An instructor will be physically present to assist you.

Registration Changes

Course registrations or “add/drops” must be carried out in consultation with an Academic Advisor and sponsorship supervisor, if applicable. It is the student’s responsibility to register for and maintain credit minimums as required for sponsorship and to ensure their registration is sufficient to meet their sponsoring agencies’ requirements.

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Tuition and Fees

Title Tuition Fees Books/Supplies
Year 1
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International Students
Title Tuition Fees Books/Supplies
Year 1

Costs for supplies may vary considerably depending on what students already have or where they purchased their supplies; cost provided is on the moderately high end.

Students will be charged a medical/dental benefit fee unless they opt out by demonstrating alternative coverage prior to the end of the first week of class.

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There are a number of scholarships available to students who complete Academic Upgrading and enter into another Lethbridge College program