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Come and learn all about the opportunities waiting for you to get a head start on your post-secondary education. Join our Dual Credit Discovery Night from 6:30 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 12, and be ready for whatever happens next!

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Get a head start on your post-secondary journey by enrolling in Lethbridge College’s Dual Credit courses. Designed for grades 11 and 12, you’ll be able to earn credit at both your high school and at Lethbridge College while exploring our initiative programs and exciting career possibilities. Whether you choose to continue your studies or head into the workforce after your high school graduation, these courses will help you be ready for an easier transition to whatever happens next.


2021 - 2022 Dual Credit Courses

Animal Science - BIO 1175

Program: Agriculture Sciences
Prerequisites: Students must be in grade 11 or 12
This introductory course is designed to allow students to gain a wider perspective of animal husbandry practices and the various species currently under production in southern Alberta. Students will be introduced to physiology, nutrition, reproduction, current environmental and welfare issues as well as basic production principles, demonstrations and hands-on lab work.

Commodity Marketing - MKT 1152

Program: Agriculture Sciences
Prerequisites: Students must be in grade 11 or 12
This course provides an overview of the alternatives available in the marketing of agricultural commodities. Topics include the role of futures markets, the mechanics of futures trading, the use of futures market to hedge, and the interpretation of market information.

Design Fundamentals - IDM 1179

Program: Interior Design Technology
Prerequisites: Math 20-2, 70% or better
This course provides an overview of the basic elements and principles of design. Understanding of the human-built environment is explored creatively using two- and three-dimensional problem-solving techniques. Space, form and context are analyzed and applied to various design challenges.

Graphic Communications - CAD 1160

Program: Engineering Design Technology
Prerequisites: Math 20-2, 70% or better
Students will learn the tools and techniques needed using AutoCAD to create industry-ready engineering drawings. The course includes an introduction to 3D modelling and advanced applications and customization techniques available when using AutoCAD to create graphic communications.

Introduction to Design Software and Photography - DCM 1164

Program: Digital Communications and Media
Prerequisites: English Language Arts 10-1 or 10-2, 70% or better
This course introduces students to design software and DSLR camera functions to develop skills that allow for production of still visuals used in media. Students will learn about file management, desktop publishing and basic layout techniques using design software as well as photographic depth of field, subjects in motion, proper lighting techniques and editing photographic images.

How to apply

Students will enrol through their high schools and should contact their high school guidance counselor for registration details.