We understand that you didn’t just step out of high school – the average age of Lethbridge College students is 24. And we know that you have more on your mind than just your studies. Challenges like paying the mortgage, raising children and continuing to work while attending school demand you find a balance to succeed. We can help maximize your experience and minimize your anxiety with flexible learning options and academic and personal supports.

Our programs

Whether you find yourself hitting that career wall or just feel stuck in a rut, you’ll find a world of opportunities at Lethbridge College. With over 50 programs to choose from, you can be in, out and working in a career you’re passionate about, usually within 24 months or less.

If you haven’t decided on a program, use our Career Coach to align your career goals with one of our programs. Using market labour statistics, Career Coach shows you what you can expect to make in a given industry, how many people are employed within that industry and if the market is growing.

Flexible program options

We offer flexible learning options to help you find the balance that works best. Program delivery options include:

  • On-campus: The traditional college setting, all courses needed to complete your program are taken on campus.
  • Online: Some programs can be fully completed online, without the need to come to campus (though you may be required to participate in practicums or labs on-site).
  • Blended: Most of the courses in the program are completed face-to-face in the classroom but some courses have the option to be completed online.

We even have campus locations in Vulcan and Claresholm, where instructors may teach on campus or deliver the course by video conference.

Your supports

Attending Lethbridge College means you’re not alone. When the road gets bumpy, call on any of the following learner support professionals and service areas when you need them.

  • Career and Academic Advising: Still not sure what you want to be when you grow up? Our advisors can help you find a career path that matches your skills and interests.
  • Student Career and Professional Development Services: Become the candidate of choice for your dream job. Our career counsellors can help with resume building, interview preparation and your professional development.
  • Day care: Have peace of mind knowing your child is just down the hall receiving quality care in our accredited day care facility.
  • Learning Café: Prepare, advance and excel through your studies with the support of academic strategists and peer tutors in the Learning Café.
  • Student Support Program: Access online, video or telephone counselling on a variety of topics 24/7/365.

Is returning to school right for you?

Returning to school isn’t a decision you can make lightly, even when it’s the right one. To help you build confidence in your decision and ensure that coming here is the right move, we hold information sessions to help answer your questions. Join us at our next mature student information session.

There are many reasons students choose Lethbridge College. Find out how you can benefit from the Lethbridge College advantage in our Why LC section.

Take a virtual walk through our halls and discover the state-of-the-art rooms and equipment that give our students the leading edge in industry.

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