Chantelle Fitton

Position Title: Triage Nurse

How I Support Students: As a first point of contact in Wellness Services I provide support for students, and connections to campus and community resources for physical and mental health needs. I support students who have experienced gender-based violence and help ensure they have the mental health and academic supports they need. I provide physical and mental health first aid at Wellness Services and respond to on-campus emergencies. As an Ojibwe woman I am proud to support our Indigenous students alongside the Indigenous Services team.


Carmen Guenther

Position: Health Promotion Coordinator

How I support students: Although you won't see me for direct support, I am working behind the scenes to support the wellbeing of all students and employees by working with the Institutional Wellness Strategy. This may include campaigns, events, training or education opportunities and revising policy and frameworks to better support mental health concerns, suicidal crisis, gender-based violence and overall well-being.


Steve Johnson

Position Title: Student Care Specialist

How I Support Students: I help students who struggle with any aspect of their health by finding supports and resources within LC and in the community. And I follow up with students throughout their time in LC. I also listen very well whenever that is needed most. I have an open door policy and try to make myself available as much as possible.


Emma McClure

Position Title: Clinical Care Coordinator / Immunization RN

How I Support Students: I support students in many ways! Directly by proving immunizations to our health care students and indirectly by ensuring our clinic continually improves our quality of care. We always work as a team in Wellness Services so although it's not my main job, you might see me handing out medication, bandaging/caring for walk-ins or chatting to students who need extra support. 


Michelle McKenzie

Position: Clinic Nurse

How I support students: I work alongside the physicians to support students and their families with a wide range of health concerns. I am responsible for follow up and monitoring so that those who access Wellness Services receive thorough care and support.


Jessica Patience

Position: Administrative Assistant

How I support students: I help connect students with the appropriate team members and resources.



Susan Schmidt 

Position Title: LifeWorks Student Support Counsellor

How I Support Students: Provide short term solution focused counselling to assist students with their mental health needs.