Carmen Guenther (she/her)

Position: Wellness Services Manager

How I support students: Although you won't see me for direct support, I am working behind the scenes to support the well-being of all students and employees by implementing processes that make Wellness Services a place that is safe and inviting for anyone who needs care. This includes hiring the very best staff, assessing areas that we can improve care, implementing new initiatives and ensuring we develop and maintain positive relationships with our college and broader community.


Lori Harasem (she/her)

Position Title: Health Promotion Coordinator

How I Support Students: I am honoured to be working with this incredible team, and so many others across the organization, to help ensure that we are identifying student needs and gaps for services around well-being (physical, mental, social, and spiritual); that we are connecting with community organizations to offer services to our students; and ensuring that students, staff, and faculty are aware of all of the great services, supports, and workshops available.  My work is guided by LC Cares and the institutional Wellness Strategy.


Steve Johnson

Position Title: Support Nurse

How I Support Students: I provide support for students, and connections to campus and community resources for emotional, physical, and mental health needs. I provide physical and mental health first aid at Wellness Services and respond to on-campus emergencies. I also facilitate many workshops on mental well-being. I hope to see you around campus and please do take advantage of the free workshops Wellness Services provide.


Lynda Church (she/her)

Position Title: Support Nurse

How I Support Students: I enjoy assisting staff and students achieve maximal wellness! In the Triage Nurse role I can assist those in need of timely medical nursing support. I also provide direction and referrals for students struggling with health, academic and/or social challenges during their semester. We want you to succeed in all of your goals!



Emma McClure (she/her)

Position Title: Clinical Care Coordinator / Immunization RN

How I Support Students: I support students in many ways! Directly by proving immunizations to our health care students and indirectly by ensuring our clinic continually improves our quality of care. We always work as a team in Wellness Services so although it's not my main job, you might see me handing out medication, bandaging/caring for walk-ins or chatting to students who need extra support. 


Katherine Klassen

Position Title: Triage Nurse

How I Support Students: In the role of Triage Nurse I connect with students and staff by providing timely medical nursing intervention and support. This may be through direct care (over the counter medications, bandages, etc. ), but also through education and collaboration with our team to ensure your holistic health needs are met.



Michelle McKenzie

Position: Clinic Nurse

How I support students: I work alongside the physicians to support students and their families with a wide range of health concerns. I am responsible for follow up and monitoring so that those who access Wellness Services receive thorough care and support.


Sandra Smith (she/her)

Position Title: Clinic Nurse, RN

How I Support Students: I help run some of our physician and nurse practitioner clinics. We strive to provide open, accessible, and thorough service for any physical or mental health issue. I’m one of the nurses responsible for following up with results and the continuing plan of care. We love to take a proactive approach, so if you are due for screening or having any concerns, please see book with one of our practitioners.



Jessica Patience

Position: Administrative Assistant

How I support students: I help connect students with the appropriate team members and resources.



Corrine Janzen (she/her)

Position Title: Counselling Intake Coordinator

How I Support Students: I am privileged to connect students to the counsellors in Wellness Services.  I can also refer students to community resources that may also be helpful to them.  I also co-facilitate therapy groups and educational groups to support students with their wellbeing and mental health.



Blythe Provost (she/her)

Position Title: Mental Health Therapist

How I Support Students: As a counsellor, I support current students with their mental health concerns. My goal is to help students achieve long-term positive change by providing a safe space to explore emotional and psychological issues in individual and group counselling settings. 



Dalaine Kubik (she/her)

Position Title: Mental Health Therapist

How I Support Students: I work collaboratively with students to experiment with new tools and ways of thinking that can help them to create change in their lives, whatever that looks like for them! I offer individual and group counselling for a variety of concerns, including anxiety, depression, self-care and stress management, eating and body image, chronic pain/illness, emotion regulation, and identity exploration. I maintain an affirming, inclusive, and trauma-informed space where all students are welcome!



Rana Kamel

Position Title: Mental Health Therapist

How I Support Students: I practise from a person-centred perspective and recognize that students arrive with their unique set of circumstances. I strive to help students discover their strengths/abilities to facilitate their path towards optimum health and well-being. I use various methods and will collaborate with students to determine what best fits their needs. I believe students can never have too much support and I am honoured to be a small part of the wellness community!



Jean Iwaasa

Position Title: Mental Health Therapist

How I Support Students: I’m a Registered Nurse with a certification in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. My passion lies in empowering, inspiring, and educating individuals to navigate through the challenges of their mental health journey. Being adaptive and flexible is at the core of my approach as there's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to mental health and personal growth. I believe that each person is the expert of their own needs, and I'm here to collaborate with you to uncover your strengths, resilience, and aspirations.



Kayla Napper, BHSc. (she/her)

Position Title: Addictions Counsellor

How I Support Students: As an addictions counsellor my passion lies in helping individuals find their way into a recovery lifestyle of their choosing. Whether you are looking for information, exploring harm reduction, have decided on sobriety, or are supporting a loved one in addiction, I would be honored to help along the way. I believe that every individual is capable of immense growth when given the proper tools, and supported from a non-judgmental, adaptive and affirming place. I provide both individual, and group therapy around topics related to addiction, recovery, and mental health.



Alicia Anderson (she/her)

Position Title: Nurse Practitioner (Family, All-ages)

How I Support Students: I provide a wellness-based approach for students and their families. I provide primary care for all ages which includes the ability to diagnose, prescribe medication and other treatments, order imaging tests and bloodwork, and make referrals to other members of the healthcare team such as specialists and mental health supports. I look forward to helping you with your health needs, whatever they may be.



Maggie Day Chief

Position Title: Nurse Practitioner

How I Support Students: I provide primary healthcare using a holistic approach. I focus on your current health needs and concerns. I assess, diagnose, prescribe, investigate and practice from a nursing perspective. I offer care to students and their families as well as staff members at LC.