The Registrar’s Office is responsible for processing and issuing academic transcripts, recording and updating all student grades and, where applicable, term academic standings and graduation notations.

Official Lethbridge College transcripts

Official transcripts carry the college seal and the signature of the registrar. They are sealed in envelopes and mailed directly to the destination indicated on the request form. When issued directly to the student, the transcript is stamped “Issued to Student.” Official transcripts are issued at no charge and cannot be faxed.

  • Note: Official Alberta Learning High School transcripts and Official Apprenticeship grades can be ordered online from the Alberta Government.

Unofficial Lethbridge College transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are similar to official transcripts, but they do not carry the college seal or the registrar’s signature. They can be obtained by presenting your student ID or other picture ID to the registration staff. Unofficial transcripts are issued at no charge and can be faxed.

How to request your Lethbridge College transcripts

Only the students can request their transcripts. There are four ways to request your transcripts:

  1. Online: If you are a current student, you can submit a Transcript Request from myHorizon.
  2. Email: Complete the Transcript of Academic Record Request and email it to the Records office. 
    Tip: Snap a picture of your signed request form and email the image to avoid the hassle of scanning it.
  3. Mail: Print off and complete the Transcript of Academic Record Request, then mail it to the Registrar's Office.
  4. Fax: Fax the completed Transcript of Academic Record Request to the Registrar's Office.

Note: Transcripts are not issued to any student who has not fulfilled his/her financial obligation to Lethbridge College, and the college shall not be held responsible for meeting deadlines that are not those of the college.