Beginning spring 2022, Lethbridge College will be using MyCreds, Canada’s digital document wallet, to issue transcripts and other official documents in a secure digital format. MyCreds is the official online document sharing system of the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC).

Documents issued through MyCreds are certified, official and can be securely shared with other educational institutions, employers and other third parties. MyCreds allows you to access your documents anytime, from anywhere and share them as often as you need.

You must purchase “share credits” at a cost of $15 plus applicable taxes to share your transcripts.

MyCreds FAQ’s

What is MyCreds?

MyCreds provides fast and easy access to request and send your transcripts, credentials, and other academic documents to other post-secondary institutions, employers, government offices, and many other third parties. MyCreds is convenient, official, and recognized as the official platform for document and credential verification. With MyCreds, you get access to a secure, password protected learner credential wallet that allows you to share your credentials anytime, anywhere.

To learn more about MyCreds, please watch their video here.

Lethbridge College will initially have transcripts available to access through MyCreds.

How do I create a MyCreds account?

Once you have requested your transcript, you will be sent an email notification to the email you provided to Lethbridge College. This email will provide a link for you to create a login for MyCreds. It is recommended that you use a personal email as MyCreds is a credential wallet used to share documents from various institutions. For more information, please visit the FAQ page from MyCreds.

What documents will be available on MyCreds?

Lethbridge College will initially have transcripts available to access through MyCreds.

Document Available on MyCreds Cost to Share
Transcripts Spring 2022 $15
Initial Credential Coming Soon No Cost
Replacement Credential Coming Soon $50
Confirmation of Enrolment Coming Soon TBD
What is a Share Credit and how do I get them?

In order to share your document with a third party, you will need to purchase a Share Credit. You can buy as many or as few shares as you wish per document. Each Share Credit will allow you to share the document one time with a third party.

You will need a credit card to purchase your Share Credits.

How do I share a document?

For instructions on how to share a document, please see the how-to video found here.

Will my documents always be available on MyCreds?

Documents uploaded to MyCreds from Lethbridge College will remain accessible for you indefinitely, except in the following situations:

  • Your document has been revoked. In the case that Lethbridge College required to remove your document from MyCreds. In this case, you will see “revoked” by your document and you will no longer be able to access it
  • You have set an expiry date when you shared your document. In this case, the document will only be available to view by the third party within the date range you have set
Can I request my documents through MyCreds?

No, all documents you request will need to be done through the Lethbridge College website or Self Service student portal. Documents will then be uploaded to MyCreds for you to view and share.

What if the third party will not accept my document through MyCreds?

The majority of third parties should accept your document through MyCreds as it is a secured, verified, and official copy of your document. In the rare case that the third party will not accept the digital document, contact [email protected]

Can I still get a paper transcript?

All transcripts will be issued through MyCreds. To access a paper transcript, you will need to share the transcript with yourself, then then access the transcript through the email address you issued it to. From there, you will be able to download the transcript and print it. For additional support, please visit the MyCreds how-to video on downloading your transcript.

I’m having troubles with my MyCreds account

MyCreds has many how-to videos that are available to you. In addition, you can access their log in support through the Cant Sign In link in their login page, or access their FAQ for further information.