Dr. Chandra Singh, Senior Research Chair in Agricultural Engineering and Technology, holds potatoes in a field.

Lethbridge College research project gets more potatoes from field to market

A new research project at Lethbridge College aims to use cutting-edge near-infrared (NIR) hyperspectral imaging technology to test potato quality more quickly in a way that doesn’t destroy good product. Dr. Chandra Singh, who has recently been promoted to Senior Research Chair in Agricultural Engineering and Technology at Lethbridge College, is leading the three-year, $523,300 project.

Subsurface drip irrigation lines are installed on Lethbridge College’s irrigation research farm in summer 2021.

Lethbridge College, Southern Irrigation partnership grows irrigation research

A growing research partnership between Lethbridge College and Southern Irrigation will provide valuable insight that could help producers maximize their crop production. The college and Southern Irrigation are studying the opportunities created by subsurface drip fertigation, a method that applies water and fertilizer directly to the rootzones of plants through a series of pipes.

Mike McCready, START Program Research Chair

Virtual reality research gets $900,000 federal boost

Lethbridge College has received nearly a million dollars in new federal funding to level up its virtual and augmented reality research by hiring new staff and increasing its industry-driven research capacity.

Virtual Reality instructor Allyson Cikor uses virtual reality to explore a dinosaur track site in the MD of Greenview.

VR team brings an Alberta heritage site to life

The Grande Cache Dinosaur Track site, located on the edge of the Rocky Mountains northwest of Edmonton, is the only large-scale exposure of dinosaur tracks known in Canada. Thanks to researchers from Lethbridge College, visitors to the Grande Cache Tourism and Interpretive Centre can follow in these dinosaurs’ footsteps.

Lethbridge College instructor and researcher George Gallant looks at video during a research project.

Internal grants expand Lethbridge College’s research capacity

Lethbridge College’s skilled faculty and staff members are putting their expertise to work to help industry find solutions to real-world issues. The innovative projects will be supported by the 2021-22 internal research grants awarded by the college’s Centre for Applied Research, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Fourth year Ecosystem Management student Abigail Doerksen fishes for sturgeon as part of a Lethbridge College research project.

Lethbridge College research project fishes for answers to sturgeon diseases

A Lethbridge College research project is giving insight into southern Alberta’s sturgeon population while offering students valuable first-hand experience in the field. The project aims to develop a greater understanding of viruses affecting sturgeon in the South Saskatchewan River basin.