Lethbridge College has been conducting applied research in agriculture for more than 30 years. Our dedicated researchers and state-of-the-art facilities enable pre-commercial validation for commercial application in agriculture and agri-food in the areas of integrated food production systems, irrigation science, and post-harvest technology.

We are ready to increase efficiency and productivity for farmers, producers, and processors while reducing the environmental impact of the food production system, waste, and energy consumption, and improving food safety and security for consumers.


Research Groups


Advanced Post-harvest Technology Centre

The team in the Advanced Post-Harvest Technology Centre addresses the gap in post-harvest handling and storage of produce and grains. We’re developing post-harvest engineering solutions using advancements in sensing, automation, IoT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine vision, hyperspectral imaging and mathematical modeling.

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Integrated Agriculture Technology Centre

The Integrated Agriculture Technology (IATC) focuses on controlled environment agriculture and integrated food production systems. It encompasses the Aquaculture Centre of Excellence (ACE) and Centre for Sustainable Food Production (CSFP). Our ability to carry out diverse research has allowed us to specialize in aquaponics as an example of an integrated self-sustainable food production system, the culture of both warm- and cool-water fish, and other areas of research, including biofiltration and waste management.

Integrated Agriculture Technology Centre (IATC)


Mueller Irrigation Research Group

Precision irrigation is the main focus of the Mueller Irrigation Research Group at Lethbridge College. We’re investigating the technologies and software that can enable more sophisticated water management on farms

and quantify yield and resource changes as a result of implementing these control systems. Our field work takes place on our 385 acre irrigation research and demonstration farm.

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