Lethbridge College has over 50 years of experience delivering justice, policing, and corrections curriculum, making it an established leader in the fields of justice and public safety. Industry-focused research projects help keep Canadians safe and contribute to strong and resilient communities.

Current events have highlighted the need for proactive global change in the public safety field and we are ready to build peaceful, inclusive, and sustainable societies with our community and industry partners.


Research Group


Centre for Public Safety Applied Research (CPSAR)

CPSAR works directly with partners to identify knowledge, skill, and research gaps in the Canadian public safety industry and create potential solutions across the fields of policing, corrections, and the court system. CPSAR is committed to facilitating meaningful projects and initiatives to assist industry partners, the community and the Canadian justice system overall.

Through consultations with justice-related industry partners, CSPAR focuses on applied research projects in areas such as public safety innovation, community partnerships, wellness initiatives and organizational structure and culture.

Meaningful reconciliation and collaboration with Indigenous organizations and partners are foundational in CPSAR’s research projects, which will concentrate on creating real-world solutions that can be implemented by public safety organizations and key community partners.

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