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Looking for ways to enhance your learning experience and gain skills that will carry you into a successful career? Participate in applied research! Hands-on learning is a crucial component to understanding your chosen career field and ensuring you’re career-ready.

The Centre for Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CARIE) makes it easy for you to participate in or conduct research that can open your eyes to a whole new world of learning. Get involved today to set yourself up for success tomorrow.


AgENT is an extracurricular program at Lethbridge College that provides experiential learning opportunities for students to develop foundational skills in innovation and entrepreneurship.

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What is applied research?

Not sure what applied research is? Well, it’s simple: applied research refers to research that seeks to solve practical problems and is used to find solutions to everyday problems, to cure illnesses and to develop innovative technologies. So when you participate in applied research, you’re not just gaining new skills – you’re actively solving industry challenges.

Applied research can take on a lot of different forms. Here are just a few of the projects that we’ve undertaken at Lethbridge College:

  • Taking biological samples and testing for coliforms to determine under what conditions certain bacteria thrive so that action can be taken to prevent this outcome in future growth.
  • Measuring plant growth based on different nutrient levels to determine optimal growth conditions.
  • Collecting and using survey data to determine what types of college programs certain personality types are more attracted to and are more likely to stay enrolled in.
  • Using public opinion polling results to determine new policing service levels based on public need.


H2O Filtration-2.jpg
LC students test an innovative biofiltration unit designed by Manz Engineering.

How to get involved in applied research

Your first step to get involved in applied research is to talk to an instructor who has similar interests as you or who teaches a course you find intriguing. Faculty have access to research funding or may already be involved in a research project that you can potentially become involved in. Student engagement is a top priority for our instructors and your interest will be appreciated.

You can also access information and guidance by contacting CARIE directly. Our role is to facilitate applied research initiatives from start to finish – so if there is a potential fit for your interests, we can make those connections.