News Release

A special issue of Lethbridge College’s Wider Horizons magazine published last year that focused on how the opioid crisis has changed the working world for college graduates continues to receive accolades from magazine and communication industry organizations.

The first award was given in early June as part of the Council for the Support and Advancement of Education (CASE)’s Circle of Excellence program. The winter 2019 issue of Wider Horizons received a silver award in the “Magazines on a Shoestring” category, which recognizes magazines produced with limited staff and resources but which still demonstrate resourcefulness and distinction.

The judges said: “This issue of Wider Horizons stood out with both its focus on the opioid epidemic as well as the unique partnership with Alberta Health Services—doing all of this wrapped around alumni and the future of work was especially distinctive as well. The magazine served to provide an informative look into a social and health issue while maintaining a focus on the Lethbridge students, faculty, and alumni. All of this coupled with the time and energy put into the issue with a limited staff alongside the limited budget made Wider Horizons stand out above the crowd.”

The Circle of Excellence Awards showcase outstanding work in advancement services, alumni relations, communications, fundraising, and marketing at post-secondary institutions around the world. Lethbridge College was one of a handful of community colleges to receive an award.

The additional awards came on Thursday evening at the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association online gala. In addition to Wider Horizons editor Lisa Kozleski being named the Alberta Editor of the Year, the winter 2019 issue dedicated to the opioid crisis received a gold award in the “Service Journalism” category. In addition, Wider Horizons and Lethbridge College creators received honourable mentions in five categories:

Wider Horizons was also honoured earlier this year with four Best of CASE VIII awards in January.

Wider Horizons is published three times each year and distributed to more than 25,000 alumni, industry partners and friends. It is available on campus and around the community. To get a copy, check it out online or drop a note to be added to the mailing list.