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Dr. Karla Wolsky, instructor, Allied Health.

The Lethbridge College Faculty Association (LCFA) and the Lethbridge College Students’ Association (LCSA) have reviewed the 115 nominations submitted by students and have announced the winners of this year’s Teaching Excellence Awards.

Dr. Karla Wolsky, instructor, Allied Health, is the winner of the 2023-24 Teaching Excellence Award. Wolsky has worked in the Centre for Health and Wellness for more than 15 years and says her own success as an educator is deeply rooted in the accomplishments of her students. Her approach to teaching centres around the student and she is known for integrating humour and interactive games in her classes to foster engagement.

“Particularly rewarding is witnessing the transformation of a student who initially lacked self-confidence and by believing in them and their ability, providing encouragement and celebrating their accomplishments, I see them surpassing their own expectations,” says Wolsky.

Her students say Wolsky goes above and beyond to create a learning environment that is both fun and engaging, while also forming trusting relationships with each of her students with one writing “Karla has made my college experience so worth it; I will always remember her during my many years of working.”

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Casey Bellemare, instructor, Child and Youth Care.

Casey Bellemare, instructor, Child and Youth Care, is this year’s Rookie of the Year. He already had a relationship with Lethbridge College through his work with the Family Ties Association, having taken several practicum students into their programs, so it was an easy decision to accept an hourly position in the School of Human Services in August. Bellemare not only thrives on the growth he sees in his students but he has seen his own personal growth as he found his teaching style and built confidence in public speaking since becoming an instructor.

“The students are the most rewarding part of the experience,” says Bellemare. “Working with them on their strengths and encouraging them to take risks created a strong group cohort. These students had a phenomenal reputation, and they upheld this reputation by trusting in a new instructor.”

Bellemare’s students say he has a passion to understand and meet everyone wherever they are in their learning journey. They say he helps to create a safe environment in the classroom where everyone can feel like they belong, and their experiences and vulnerabilities can be shared.

Wolsky and Bellemare will be recognized at the Teaching Excellence Awards from 2 to 3 p.m. Monday, April 15 in The Cave (CE1300). Employees and students are all invited to attend this celebration of two incredible instructors. Congratulations to both!