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Lethbridge College’s AgENT program hosts workshops, networking events and pitch competitions throughout the year.

Lethbridge College's AgENT Innovation and Entrepreneurship program has teamed up with the University of Lethbridge, Red Crow College and Community Futures for a pitch competition showcasing student and community entrepreneurs.

At the Launch Point Pitch Competition, which takes place March 15 at Lethbridge College, participating entrepreneurs can network with industry representatives and pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges from southern Alberta.

“This year is unique, as it’s Lethbridge College's first time as a participant and host of such a collaborative pitch competition,” says Josh Leith, AgENT program coordinator. “Our students come from various programs and put in many hours of hard work to create solutions for problems in their field of study. They are excited to share their business ideas, and we look forward to collaborating with our community and post-secondary partners for this pitch competition.” 

AgENT is a free extracurricular program offered to all Lethbridge College students and recent grads. It provides learning opportunities to develop foundational skills in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship through workshops, brainstorming sessions, industry networking events and pitch competitions.

Collaborative post-secondary pitch competitions like this one provide a safe environment for students to get a taste of the competitive business world, while also having the opportunity to be noticed by industry representatives.

“This is an important opportunity for students and new grads to showcase their innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking in their pitches to our community,” says Andrew Dunlop, director of applied research operations at Lethbridge College. “Pitch competitions let students bring awareness to the everyday issues they see in their fields of study and showcase how their ideas can help solve real-world issues and contribute to society.”

The students involved in this pitch competition say they hope the event will provide a launch point for their ideas.

"I see this competition as a way to get the ball rolling on my business,” says Kariza Manychief, a second-year Business Administration – Management student. “It's not about winning – it’s about taking that exciting and scary first step in letting your business be known."

Everyone is welcome to attend the free Launch Point Pitch Competition, but registration is required.

AgENT is part of the Centre for Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CARIE) at Lethbridge College. CARIE is a catalyst for entrepreneurship and applied research that results in real-world solutions, economic growth, sustainability, and social and community development. Learn more about CARIE in the 2022-23 CARIE Report.