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  • Exam bookings must be made a minimum of one business day in advance when booking exams at the college’s main campus.
    • Note: Regional and off-site locations will need more time depending on the location and the required processing times.
  • Photo ID is required at the time of testing.
  • The following items are not permitted in the testing centre:
    • cell phones
    • electronic devices (including watches and fitness trackers)
    • bags/backpacks
    • hats
    • jackets
    • clothing with hoods
    • food and drink (except bottled water)

Note: We provide locks and lockers free of charge for you to store your personal items in during your exam. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • The following items are permitted only if specified by the instructor:
    • calculators
    • formula sheets
    • reference materials
    • other books or resources

Cheating and other forms of academic misconduct are a violation of our Student Rights and Code of Conduct policy. Incidents of suspected misconduct will be fully documented and reported to the instructor.

The following behaviours are not allowed in our test room and may be considered misconduct or cheating:

  1. Using any aids (electronic devices, books, notes, calculators, websites, etc.) without approval from your instructor
  2. Talking or communicating with anyone (except Testing Services staff) during an exam
  3. Giving or receiving help of any kind without permission during an exam
  4. Sharing a calculator, notes, or other resources with other students
  5. Taking photos or videos of exam content or using photos or videos to cheat
  6. Sharing exam content with other students who still need to write the exam
  7. Removing exam questions, answers, or notes (in any form) from the test centre
  8. Removing scratch paper from the test centre
  9. Failing to follow exam rules or instructions from Testing Services staff