We offer five major testing services to students, allowing you to write:

  • full-class testing outside of class time (over a three- to five-day window)
  • accommodated exams
  • distance/online learning exams
  • make-up exams
  • other educational institutions’ exams

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Full-class testing

Testing Services offers a full-class testing service to certain face-to-face and blended courses on its main campus. Students enrolled in these courses book an appointment to write their exams outside of class time in our Satellite Lab (TE1233) any time during a specific window of time, typically three to five days. Booking your seat is easy using our online booking system!

To determine if your class is participating in this service, please contact your course instructor.

Accommodated exams

If you have a disability and have qualified for exam accommodations through Accessibility Services, you can arrange to write your exams in our Satellite Lab (TE1233). Appointments must be booked at least two business days in advance through the Accessibility Services app or through Testing Services online booking service for accommodated exams.

Distance/online learning exams

Some of our distance/online learning courses have exams that require invigilation (supervision). See our online learning exams page for more information.

Make-up exams

Did you know that with instructor approval, you can write make-up exams through Testing Services? If you missed an exam in class or know you are going to miss an exam, or if you will not be able to write your exam during the window provided for full-class testing, follow these steps.

  1. Request permission from your instructor to write the missed exam in Testing Services.
  2. If granted permission, book an appointment online, in person at Testing Services (AN1602) or by calling 403-320-3368.
    • Your appointment must be booked at least one business day before you intend to write the exam.
  3. Once you’ve booked your appointment, notify your instructor of the exam day and time.
  4. Show up with photo ID a few minutes before your exam time.

Other educational institutions’ exams

If you are taking courses from or applying to other post-secondary institutions, Testing Services can supervise your exam. We’re able to supervise both paper- and computer-based exams, but you will need to make arrangements with the college or university to release the exam to Testing Services. Once they’ve agreed to release the exam, book your appointment online or contact our office for assistance.

Appointments must be booked at least one business day in advance and photo ID is required at the time of testing. Please review the complete list of testing rules and regulations prior to booking your appointment.


  • Non-LC student/Other Post-Secondary student Invigilation fee - $50/exam
  • Multi-exams (2+ exams in a single day) = $75
  • Private Room - $100/ hour