Lethbridge College committed to a rebranding project in 2018 because we know our brand’s strength and significance are created through consistent and effective use over time. Learn more about our brand story and some practices to ensure our brand is understood, retold and activated.

Why does a brand matter?

A brand tells a story. It’s a guide to inspiring pride in our institution for our students, staff, faculty and alumni. It motivates, because it’s a roadmap that points the way to our shared and collaborative journey, supporting the success of our students.

A brand informs. It’s a way we can show our community that Lethbridge College is a meaningful place to complete a certificate, diploma or applied degree; an ideal place for applied research experts to help solve problems facing industry; and an inclusive place to take part in camps and continuing education classes or cheer on our athletic teams. And it educates, because it’s a tool we use to build an authentic, emotional connection between the college and our students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends throughout our community. 

A brand advocates. It a set of instructions we can rely on as we work together to maintain and advance the reputation of Lethbridge College in the larger community and region, including with our donors, government and industry partners. And a brand engages, because it’s an identity that helps us understand that that our job is to prepare students for theirs, as well as to appreciate that what happens next matters most.

Our brand is a visual way to illustrate how the people at Lethbridge College – students, employees, alumni, partners and friends – are confident, proud, adaptive and supportive. Our brand demonstrates the essence of Lethbridge College: we are ready, and we know that what happens next matters most.

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