At Lethbridge College, everybody’s got a job to do.

Some of us are thinkers. Some of us are makers. But engrained in all of us is a desire to do the work. Because the best way to learn, is to do.

We should know — we’ve been doing just that for more than 60 years. And through it all, we’ve been ready. We know that our job is to make sure you’re equipped for yours.

We’re more than bricks and mortar. We’re a place of people coming together. We’re the mentors ready to combine your talent with our training. We’re the industries that fuel our region’s economy, awaiting our next generation of leaders.

We’re the people who love teaching you the skills you need to be prepared for whatever new changes and challenges tomorrow might bring. And we know that when we add your drive and determination to all of this, anything is possible.

Just look around. We know something about making a mark. About digging deep and rising up. We know success is not by chance, but that it takes perseverance, determination and grit.

Because here, everybody’s got a job to do. We are a community committed to one another.  We know that what happens next matters most.

We're ready.