A brand is a promise, a big idea that speaks to the heart and mind of the prospective student. It is that individual’s collective set of expectations about the experience he or she will have at Lethbridge College.

Our brand positions us as a high-quality, well-rounded, friendly institution and visually demonstrates the high standards that define Lethbridge College. All materials distributed from the college must meet the guidelines of Lethbridge College’s brand as outlined by our brand standards.

Download a printable version of our Brand Guidelines or browse through our visual and written identities online.

View the complete guide.

Get creative

For small events intended for internal audiences only, we encourage you to get creative and make use of our pre-made, branded templates, which are available for:

  • logos
  • handouts
  • letterheads
  • posters
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • faxes
  • Desktop and mobile backgrounds
  • NEW - Zoom and Teams backgrounds

To access these templates, log in to The Owl.


With Picturepark, you can search for, view and download digital assets, including photos, on demand. An online digital asset management system, Picturepark makes it even easier to add high-quality, college-owned photos to:

  • PowerPoint and slide decks
  • posters and brochures for small events
  • headers and content for email newsletters

Note: Assets should not be given to external stakeholders for production use. Please have your area’s marketing coordinator facilitate the delivery of photos to external vendors and stakeholders.

View the user manual.

Log in to Picturepark with your @lethbridgecollege.ca email address and domain password.

Note: Access is restricted to the Lethbridge College network. Thos working from home may not be able to access Picturepark.

If you work closely with Marketing on a continuing basis, or are interested in access to an expanded library of assets related to your business unit, email [email protected] or contact your marketing coordinator.

Ordering stationery

Stationery is available through Digitex Print Shop (PA1150). The following items are available in packs of 500 or by the individual sheet or envelope:

  • generic letterhead with three colour logo
  • #10 standard envelopes with black logo and return address (with or without window)
  • 9” x 12” envelopes with black logo and return address
  • 5 ¾” x 9 ½” envelopes with black logo and return address
  • thank-you cards with three colour logo – in packs of 10 with blank envelopes
  • tent cards with three colour logo – in packs of 25
  • name tag labels – individual sheets – eight labels per sheet

Customized department stationery or anything not listed can be special ordered through Digitex. Please consult with Digitex staff regarding turnaround times [email protected].

Ordering business cards

All Lethbridge College business card orders can be placed directly with Digitex.

The card and stationery ordering system depends on current demand, and as a result the turnaround time for individual orders may vary.

Contact the Digitex Print Shop via email for more details – [email protected].

Go social

Whether you want to stick with the classics like Facebook and Twitter or start on something new, creating a social media account is a great way to connect with students, engage the community and promote the college. Lethbridge College has an established voice in the world of social media that you can leverage when creating a college-affiliated account.

Before you get started, we encourage you to take some training. We offer social media training anytime, on demand, with a request to [email protected] or your marketing coordinator.

Don’t forget to review the Social media policy and Code of conduct, as well as our other social media resources intended to help you get the most out of your account.


Social media action plan template: Identify your goals, audiences and tactics for social media.

Social media triage chart: Know how and when to respond to comments on social media.

Guidelines for creating online content

  • Always speak in first person plural: “We’re excited to announce…”
  • Whenever possible, post media-rich content. Posts with images, links or videos – as opposed to just text – lead to higher user engagement.
  • Photos taken in public places (not classrooms) and used for editorial (not advertising) purposes may be shared on social media without a photo/video release.
  • Avoid the used of stock art, clip art, comics or email-forward-style images – generate and use original content whenever possible.
  • Post and share in a friendly, supportive and approachable manner. Don’t hesitate to joke in good taste, speak with students one-on-one and share funny stories related to the college.
  • Find and use original sources in linked content. If you find content you wish to share, trace it back to its original source and link to that.

Occasionally, exceptions to brand standards may be permitted in conforming to the constraints of online platforms.