Our peer tutoring service provides free, one-on-one and group learning assistance to students who are experiencing difficulties with specialized course content that is not typically supported by Learning Café academic strategists. The major goals of peer tutoring are to:

  • provide learning assistance to students needing help in reviewing course content to successfully complete credit courses
  • supplement class instruction, not replace it
  • encourage students to work together and learn from their peers
  • help students become confident, independent learners

Tutoring is subject to the availability of a tutor. When a suitable tutor cannot be identified, alternative supports may be suggested, including academic strategy appointments and/or instructor assistance.

No tutoring requests requiring a new tutor hire will be accommodated after:

  • Fall term: First Friday in November
  • Winter term: First Friday in March
  • Summer (short) term: First Friday in June

How do I access peer tutoring?

Peer tutoring is available to current students enrolled in Lethbridge College credit courses. You typically qualify for up to one hour per week of tutoring per course. Peer tutoring is available on campus or online based on availability.

If you have a disability, registering with Accessibility Services may qualify you for additional support unique to your circumstances.

Request a peer tutor

How do I become a peer tutor?

If you want to become a peer tutor, you must have completed the course(s) you wish to tutor with a minimum B+ grade and have the recommendation of a course instructor. On rare occasions, when a qualified student is not available to tutor a particular course, the peer tutor service may identify a recent qualified graduate or other suitable applicant.

To apply to be a peer tutor, submit the following to the Learning Café (CE1340):

Note: We interview and hire suitable candidates as demand requires.

Tutoring location and hours

Tutoring sessions are available on campus or online, Monday to Thursday, 8:00am – 8:00pm & Fridays, 8:00am – 5:00pm.