We offer individual appointments and workshops on a variety of topics to help students develop efficient, strategic study skills.


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Quick study tips sheets

Access the tip sheets below for useful study hints.

Academic and Professional Skills

Dealing with procrastination

Dealing with stress

High school to college: making the transition

Time management

Working with your instructor

Studying Effectively

Effective note taking

Effective textbook reading

Improving concentration

Improving memory

Studying effectively

Tackling new vocabulary

Test Taking

Conquering multiple-choice tests

Preparing for finals

Test anxiety

Test preparation: more than just memorizing

Test taking strategies

Research and Writing

Common errors in research essay writing

Getting over writer’s block

MathDealing with math anxiety
Online learning and technology

How to succeed in your introductory computer course

Succeeding in your online course

If you require more information on any of these topics, attend a study skills workshop or schedule an individual appointment at the Learning Café.