In-class Workshops

We can provide an overview of our services or explore a range of specific learning and study issues. More ideas on how we can support your students can be found in the Learning Café Menu of Student Success Supports.

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Integrated Student Supports

Integrated student supports are relevant tools, resources, and guidance built into courses to support students throughout their learning journeys. At Lethbridge College, these tools and resources are created by integrated support specialists.  To learn more and request integrated supports, please click here.

Peer Tutor Recommendation

Peer Tutors are valued members of the Lethbridge College team.  They support students who are struggling with their courses by assisting with course content and review.  You may have a student in your class who displays outstanding interpersonal skills, good listening skills and has a genuine concern for their fellow students.  We would like to hear about them and possibly hire them as a Peer Tutor.  Once you fill out the recommendation form, we will contact the student to see if they are interested in becoming a Peer Tutor.  A recommendation by an instructor is a required component of the Peer Tutor application.

Peer tutor recommendation