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  • Contact us for assistance with the following career advancement activities.
    • Career Development Planning: Develop your skills outside of the classroom and gain practical experience. We will help you find opportunities relevant to your career goals.
    • Resume and cover letter guidance and critique: Ready to start sending your resume out to employers? We’ll give it a seal of approval.
    • Interview preparation assistance: You got the interview. Now what? Be the best candidate you can be – let us help you prepare.
    • Job search strategies: Not sure where to start looking or what positions you’re qualified for? Start with us.
    • Networking guidance: Make the most out of the next networking event you attend. We’ll ensure you’re fully prepared.
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Extra-curricular activities

Applied Research


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Career Exploration

Career exploration is learning about various occupations and how they align with your career preferences.

This is a great place to start you career journey. Whether you just want to begin your investigation, or are looking for in-depth tools to utilize.

Career and Academic Advising

Not sure where your career path starts? Career and Academic Advising supports to help.

  • Strong Interest Inventory: This assessment takes place in either an individual or group setting and is quite in-depth.

Program choice

Our specialists are positioned to support your exploration of programs to find one that aligns with your goals.

  • Our Recruitment team is ideal for your initial program exploration and can point you towards additional resources.
  • An Academic Advisor is an excellent resource for detailed information about programs and available career paths.
  • Or you can explore our program offerings on your own, accessing additional supports at any time.

Student for a Day

Take advantage of our Student for a Day program to experience a day in the life of a student in your chosen program.

Other ways to explore

Finding a Job

Understand and Develop your Skills

Learn the difference between technical and employability skills. Understand how to identify them in a job posting, and describe them in your resume and interview.

Lethbridge College Student Core Competencies

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

What should you include?

Resume and Cover Letter Guidance

Understand the online application process. Position your application package (resume and cover letter) for success, and get an interview.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Emphasize your skills in a personal way. Bring your application to the top of the pile.

Example cover letter

Describe your experience

Follow this two-step process to describe your experience and draw the recruiter to the information they need to see.

Examples of experience

Interview Preparation

Use story-telling to describe your skills and experience. Create a clear picture of your capabilities.

Interview preparation


It’s professional, its important.  Tips for doing it right, and doing it online.

Networking Guide


Student Core Competencies

Lethbridge College has advocated some form of student competencies for the last 12 years. Now referred to as Student Core Competencies, these areas of student development were formerly known as “21st-Century Skills” and, before that, “College-Wide Outcomes.” But what does this mean? Student Core Competencies might be described as soft skills, life skills, professional skills, or employment skills. These are skills all students will develop to varying levels during their time at Lethbridge College—in addition to the knowledge and skills gained in their areas of subject matter expertise. Core competencies are developed both inside and outside of the classroom. And although these competencies go beyond subject matter and program focus, they are essential to student success.

View Student Core Competencies