Staff and Faculty resources

We’re here to support your academic programming with career-related services. We can provide:

  • Employment resources: Print off these PDFs and hand them out to your students.
  • In-class presentations: We offer a variety of career-focused presentations.
  • Program-specific networking events: In collaboration with your program area, we can coordinate an industry networking event to connect current students with employers.

Contact us to arrange an in-class presentation or networking event.

Student career development sessions

Do you know students who…

  • …aren’t sure how to align their academic goals with their career goals?
  • …want to identify their transferable skills?
  • …want to learn more about career planning?
  • …need help with their resumes, cover letters and interview techniques?
  • …are looking for job search advice?

Tell them about Career Development. Our student employment specialists will assist them with these and other career-related questions. Students can contact us directly to make an appointment.

Know the services available

Career development covers a lot of areas. Depending on the specific requirements it may be beneficial to direct students to one of the other college supports before contacting Career Development.

Academic Advisors are the primary resource for understanding program progression, credentials gained through a program and making changes to schedules and assessing program fit.

Buchanan Library is a great place to find support for research, paper writing and general support for college academic success.

The Learning Cafe is a great resource for academic support not specifically covered in the program. Many of the workshops available can be highly beneficial, not just for academic success, but in developing habits and strategies that can be applied in the workplace.

Testing Services is an alternative to standard in class testing, which can provide a convenient way to arrange testing for your class while accommodating those students with external commitments. Testing Services can also be used for testing and certifications not administered as part of a Lethbridge College program. Contact Testing services to learn how to arrange 3rd party examinations.

Wellness Services provides a wealth of support, whether coping with the stress of being away from home for the first time, overwhelming course responsibility or dealing with severe trauma, Wellness Services can equip you with the tools to overcome and succeed.