Student Job Board

Looking for a job or wanting to see what is out there? Use this link to go to the job board

Our job board is now housed on the Alumni Perks app, but is available to current students, recent graduates and alum of Lethbridge College. Clicking the link above will allow you to look at the jobs available, but if you sign up for an account you can also take advantage of all the benefits of the app! For more information on the app and the benefits associated with it, check out the Alumni Engagement page

You can also take a look at the board across from TE1220 and be sure to watch your college email and program Canvas pages!


Career Services

One-on-One Appointments

One-on-one appointments are on hold for the Fall 2023 semester. Check back in January for more information on how you can book your application review or mock interview. 

Preparing for your Future Career

Making connections and understanding your skillset will be important components of your college journey, and it is never too early to start. Making connections helps you to explore possible career paths, learn from others and build your network. Understanding your skillset gives you a better idea of how the skills you develop at school are utilized, articulate your skills to employers in a common language and allows you to adapt to the changing labour market.

Making Connections

  • Attend networking events
  • Join a student club
  • Run for student government
  • Visit instructor office hours
  • Volunteer
  • Job shadow
  • Practicum
  • Other extracurriculars

Understanding your Skillset

  • Read your course syllabus and assignment outlines – look for the skills associated with your coursework
  • Reflect on your current or previous job description(s)
  • Keep your employment documents up to date
  • Make a skills inventory – here is an example of how you may document your skills using the Student Core Competencies as a foundation

Your program at Lethbridge College will prepare you to enter your chosen job/industry successfully. Career Development is working on programming to help you navigate your entire career after you leave Lethbridge College. This begins with making connections and understanding your skills.

Career Exploration

Career exploration is learning about various occupations and how they align with your career preferences.

Not sure where your career path starts? Book an appointment with Career and Academic Advising.


Student Core Competencies

Student Core Competencies might be described as soft skills, life skills, professional skills, or employment skills. They are a tool to help you, as a student, understand and articulate the skills you are developing in the classroom. All students will develop these seven skills to varying levels throughout their time at Lethbridge College.

  • Innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Global Citizenship
  • Critical Thinking
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Career & Personal Development

So, why should the Student Core Competencies matter to you? There are very few (if any) jobs that will not require you to have “soft skills.” As our world becomes more and more automated it will be crucial for all members of the workforce to have skills that allow them to find solutions to problems, work with people and adapt to changing situations. Additionally, these skills matter to employers in all industries and being able to identify and describe your skillset is an advantage when searching for a job.

Learn more about the Student Core Competencies