Those afraid of heights need not apply. But if you’re brave enough to work over 200 feet in the air and have an interest in mechanics, the Wind Turbine Technician program might be right for you.


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Harnessing wind to create power is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. You can be at the forefront of this industry in less than a year with our Wind Turbine Technician certificate program. This nationally recognized program is designed to meet the international certification standard, preparing you to write the BZEE certificate of competency exams as well as the first period electrician apprenticeship provincial exam.

Forget boring lectures. In our program, you’ll be fully immersed as you learn from instructors who have experience in the wind turbine industry and who stay up to date on the latest developments. And you’ll gain practical experience as you work on actual wind turbine components in our shop and scale the training tower that’s located right on campus.

That’s not all. Our program is heavily focused on safety – as part of your training, you’ll earn numerous safety certificates to add to your resume. You’ll even use an indoor rescue training platform in our new state-of-the-art shop. With this level of training, it’s no surprise many of our grads are hired within days of graduation.

Shift your career with the future of power – apply to the Wind Turbine Technician program today!

Career opportunities

Once certified, your skills will be extremely marketable in this burgeoning industry; many of our students are hired within day of graduation. You’ll have multiple future career pathways as a:

  • Electrician
  • Wind turbine blade repair
  • Wind turbine construction
  • Wind turbine maintenance
  • Wind turbine manufacturing
  • Wind Turbine Technician
Starts In: September, January
Application Deadlines:

For current application status, terms being processed and application deadlines visit the Program Application Status page.

Duration: 1 year
Credential: Certificate
Delivery Format
Learning Environment

Important notes:

  1. Applicants must be comfortable working at extreme heights and weather conditions and should not suffer from motion sickness.
  2. Applicants must have strong mechanical aptitude and experience working with hand tools.
  3. As international travel may be required, industry requires potential employees to be eligible for passports.
  4. Applicants must hold a current driver’s licence as travel is required to training and instructional sites.
  5. A good working knowledge of the English language (including speaking, comprehension, reading and writing) is necessary for success in the program and future employment opportunities.
  6. When WTT-1100, WTT-1103 and WTT-1104 are combined together they form the requirements for the first period technical training for the Electrician Apprenticeship Period One program. The student will be responsible for the exam fee if taking the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training First Period Electrician Apprenticeship exam. After completion of the Wind Turbine Technician program (or at least the three courses named above), the student could be indentured in the electrician trade and could complete their technical training through to journeyman status by attending the Electrician Apprenticeship Program available at Lethbridge College.
Year 1 Term I
Course Code Course Name Credits
Year 1 Term II
Course Code Course Name Credits


New students are accepted into the Wind Turbine Technician program in the Fall (September) and Winter (January) terms.

General admission requirements

All applicants must meet the general admission requirements for Lethbridge College programs as indicated in the Admissions section of this calendar.

Alternate admission

Alternate admission applicants must successfully complete the Alberta Apprenticeship first period Electrical pre-entrance exam with a minimum grade of 70 per cent.

Non-academic requirements

Students are to supply the following program-approved personal safety equipment:

  • hard hat with chin strap
  • coveralls or work clothes
  • steel-toed boots with ankle covered
  • safety glasses
  • tight-fitting work gloves

Students are required to write the BZEE exam and are responsible for the exam fee.

Medical requirements

This program requires applicants to be in good physical condition. Applicants must be able to perform physical duties such as climbing ladders of 60 to 125 metres in height, lifting items up to 22.5 kg (50 lbs.) in weight, working at heights and in confined spaces.

Mobile learning program

This is a mobile learning program that requires students to supply their own laptop or tablet with wireless internet connection capabilities.

All content modules, with the exception of apprenticeship modules, will be provided to students on their laptops or tablets in PDF format.

For more information about mobile learning in the Wind Turbine Technician program, contact the program office.

Prior learning assessment (PLA)

If you have experience working in this field of study, you may be eligible for prior learning assessment.

Applicants who lack the required academic admission requirements can apply to the Academic Upgrading program to upgrade their academic skills.

Academic Year Tuition Fees Books & Supplies
Year 1 $6,426.00 $1,714.00 $882.00

Our Budget Wizard is a free self-service tool that can help you make sense of your finances and the cost of your education. Give it a try!

Budget Wizard

  • Costs for supplies may vary considerably depending on what students already have or where they purchased their supplies; cost provided is on the moderately high end.
  • Students in this program are required to purchase their own mobile learning device. Check your letter of admission or contact your program office or check the admissions tab for details there are minimum requirements.
  • Students will be charged a medical/dental benefit fee unless they opt out by demonstrating alternative coverage prior to the end of the first week of class.
  • Tuition for international students is assessed at three times that of domestic students. The cost of additional fees, books and supplies is the same for all students.

Train to BZEE standards, work anywhere in the world

In our program, you'll be better equipped to enter the industry – most of our grads are hired within days of graduation.

The Wind Turbine Technician program at Lethbridge College has gained international recognition for both the quality of the curriculum and its leaderships in the field. As the first North American institution authorized to deliver the BZEE training program, we’ve become a lead institution for BZEE certification.

What’s all the hype for BZEE about? Well, it’s the internationally-recognized standard of training in the wind turbine industry. Most turbine producers are associated with BZEE certification and companies look for technicians with the recognized standard. In our program, you’ll be better equipped to enter the industry after graduation and you really could work anywhere in the world – most of our grads are hired within days of graduation.



Lethbridge College Wind Turbine Technician program partners with prominent safety training company

When working hundreds of feet in the air, there is no room for error. A new partnership with TEAM-1 Academy Inc., one of the world’s leading safety and rescue training companies, will ensure students in Lethbridge College’s Wind Turbine Technician program are trained to handle that challenge as they enter their careers.

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Hands-on, immersive training

Reshaping the college landscape
Reshaping the college landscape, redefining your education

Train for your career in the largest construction project in college history.

Reshaping the college landscape, redefining your education

Our new Trades, Technologies and Innovation Facility positions Lethbridge College as the institution for trades training in southern Alberta by bringing together students, faculty and industry to create a vibrant, responsive learning environment.

The facility is the single most important capital investment for trades and technologies in southern Alberta in over 50 years. It’s also the largest construction project in the college’s history. It has increased our capacity to train the next generation of skilled tradespeople, engineers and interior designers. And it’s revolutionized our curriculum, bringing together students, faculty and industry partners in a modern, environmentally-sensitive space that features:

  • modern labs, apprentice shops, tool rooms, classrooms, meeting rooms and offices
  • more than 200 solar tubes to provide natural light to the workshops and classrooms and to reduce emergency costs (cool fact: the electric lights in the building are programmed to dim or increase based on how much light is coming in naturally)
  • 60 welding booths set up for students to learn five different welding processes
  • rooms housing wind turbine components to train on
  • a design studio and extensive materials library
  • a multi-purpose lab that provides students with learning opportunities for fluid mechanics and surveying applications
  • a dedicated 3D printing room
  • collaborative spaces to incubate the great ideas of tomorrow

This state-of-the-art facility wouldn’t have been possible without the ongoing support of our industry partners, donors, alumni and friends. And they delivered, investing in the workforce of tomorrow, investing in you.

Real components, real experience
Real components, real experience

If you’re going to encounter it on the job, shouldn’t it be part of your education?

Real components, real experience

Imagine training on a 22-metre tower, learning to ascend and descend what will one day be the “steps” to your office. At Lethbridge College, you don’t have to imagine it – it’ll be a real part of your education. With a curriculum that is industry-driven, it only makes sense for us to train our students on actual wind turbine components. From the training tower at the south end of campus to the nacelle housed in our new Trades, Technologies and Innovation Facility, you’ll train on it all, ensuring there are no surprises when you enter the industry.

From here to there: alumni updates

Lethbridge College isn’t just a place to go to school – we’re a community that is here to support you from your initial interest in our program through to the moment you cross the stage at Convocation and beyond. Just take a look at where an LC education has taken some of our grads.

Jeff Lindemann

Jeff worked as a turbine technician with Acciona Energy at the Magrath wind farm. He then accepted a promotion and transfer to the firm’s newest project in Ontario as assistant site manager.

– From Winter 2009 Wider Horizons

Success stories from Wider Horizons

Virtual tour

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