Our primary role is to support international students.

Whether you are coming to Lethbridge College to study in one of our academic programs or for English language training, we can help get you where you want to go. We also facilitate international experiences for students and staff as well as international partnerships for interested institutions and agencies.

Study at Lethbridge College

Lethbridge College is a home away from home for international students from over 40 countries each year (over the past decade, we have hosted students from 132 countries). There are many reasons why students from near and far choose Lethbridge College. We can help you answer the question, "Why Lethbridge College?", take the right steps to becoming a Lethbridge College student, and support you during your time here. Your future awaits.

Experience the world

International Services is not only for international students – if you are a current domestic student or staff member, we can also help you experience the world. Through international partnerships with institutions and organizations worldwide, we can help you arrange to study, teach, or volunteer abroad. Check out the opportunities that await you.

Partner with us

We are proud to partner with institutions around the world. Collaborative partnerships and exchange agreements create a diverse campus and provide students and staff with international opportunities. Our international student recruitment agency partners help connect their clients (our future students) to Lethbridge College programs. Consider becoming a partner of Lethbridge College.