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BFFL_logo_final(transparent).pngIn the absence of fitness classes, Be Fit for Life Fitness is offering you a fitness challenge you can tackle from the safe distance of your own home. 

This week’s exercise highlight is the plank.

Repeat this warmup circuit twice through:

  • 30 second jog/march on the spot with forward and backward arm circles
  • 30 second ladder climb (high knee march with opposite arm reach overhead)
  • 30 second side to side shuffles
  • 30 second squats

Plank form tips to remember:

  • Engage your core by pulling your belly button towards your spine. Keep ears, shoulders and hips aligned. Avoid rounding the upper back, dropping the head or letting the lower back sag. If you feel you are losing your posture, stop, reset and try again.
  • Keep breathing throughout!

Perform each exercise up to 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, then proceed to the next exercise. Repeat the circuit two times.

  • Elbow plank from knees or toes – option: alternate knee taps to floor while holding plank
  • Straight arm plank from knees or toes
  • Straight arm plank from knees or toes with alternating shoulder taps or toe taps to the side
  • Superman – lie on stomach on floor and try to raise legs and/or chest off floor slightly. Option: hold arms overhead in V shape
  • Side plank from knees or feet
  • Mountain climbers
  • Stretch break: lie on back, bend knees and bring them to your chest