Winter 2019 new student information

Orientation for students starting in winter 2019

  • The first day of classes is Monday, Jan. 7 (unless otherwise specified in your schedule).
  • ProTip: Check your Lethbridge College email often!

Orientation will take place in class, with the exception of the following programs:

  • General Studies
  • Academic Upgrading

These programs will have an orientation outside of class, and will require registration. If you are in one of the programs listed above, check your college email mid-November for this communication.


New student updates

Starting in November, main campus and online students will receive timely information updates either by mail or to your Lethbridge College email. We want to help you stay informed about important next steps, as well as upcoming orientation events, to prepare for your new college experience. We will also post those new student updates below, so be sure to check back here often.


Main campus learner

Coming soon.


New student updates: online learner

Coming soon.


International student

Coming soon.


Indigenous learner

Coming soon.


Information for VIP's - Very important parents and partners

Coming soon.


Event information and registration


New Student Orientation pre-Arrive and Thrive workshops and Family Orientation

New Student Orientation registration

Registration coming soon.

Family Orientation

Designed for parents and partners of students, these sessions highlight their important role in student success

Student loan workshops

Get step-by-step advice on applying for student loans and get all your questions answered.

Mature student session

This optional session, on January 4 is for students who identify as a mature learner and may have been away from the school setting for a year or more. Registration required (coming soon).

Program orientation information

Coming soon.


The purpose of New Student Orientation is to:

  • Facilitate your successful transition into the college.
  • Prepare you to maintain or achieve a holistic life balance (academic, social, emotional and physical well-being).
  • Contribute to student retention.

New Student Orientation learning outcome statements:

  • Describe the difference between your previous life and educational experiences and the college experience.
  • Identify, differentiate, and locate the available services that support your holistic well-being.
  • Create connections with faculty, staff and peers to establish a sense of belonging with the college community.
  • Recognize the diversity of the college community to build awareness of global citizenship.

New Student Orientation videos

Student services and supports

Learn about all the services and supports available to students.

Top Tips for Student Success video
Mature Student Information Workshop – WN18

This informative session provides information for students who identify as a mature learner to help them transition to their Lethbridge College Learning Environment.


For more information, stop by our office located at PA1130 (across from the bookstore) or email