Arrive & Thrive

The purpose of New Student Orientation (NSO) is to help you successfully transition to Lethbridge College, your attendance is expected. We want you to arrive and thrive and these are the things we expect you to know and do as a result of attending:

  1. Describe the difference between previous life and educational experiences and the college experience;
  2. Identify, differentiate, and locate the available services that support the students’ holistic well-being;
  3. Create connections with faculty, staff and peers to establish a sense of belonging with the college community;
  4. Recognize the diversity of the college community to build awareness of global citizenship.

Winter 2018 New Student Orientation Information

New Student Orientation for students starting in January 2018

  • The first day of classes is Thursday, Jan. 4 (unless otherwise specified in your schedule)
  • New Student Orientation will take place in your class within the first couple of weeks of the semester.
  • Information about the Mature Student workshop and Top Tips for Student Success happening in January will be available in November.

Important tip for new students: Check your Lethbridge College email often!

New Student Orientation 2017 highlights


Top Tips for Student success video

Watch video on Vimeo

For more information, stop by our office located at PA1130 (across from the bookstore) or email