Lethbridge College invites you to be our partner in encouraging an interest in STEM in students in kindergarten through Grade 12.

Lethbridge College’s Centre for Trades is forging partnerships in K-12 school systems and among skilled tradespeople to help introduce students to career possibilities in the trades while providing meaningful, authentic and relevant learning opportunities in STEM.

This page will introduce K-12 teachers and trades experts to the many ways to partner with Lethbridge College in support of teaching and learning math and science.

Connecting K-12 curriculum with real-world experts

With help from Westwind School Division K-12 teachers, the college’s Centre for Trades instructors identified natural alignments between the curriculum covered in our Trades programs and elementary, junior and senior high curriculum. The review included a look at the new Math and Science curriculum.

The college’s STEM team began identifying and planning lesson activities and teaching resources that could help bring math and science concepts to life for K-12 students.

The result is a series of free videos, detailed guides to activities, and for-loan physical kits with the tools needed to teach K-12 concepts in a way that is inherently relevant in the real world. When students asks “Why do I need to learn this?” or “When will I ever need to know this?,” these lessons will provide the answer.


Real-life examples enhance student engagement

Here’s an example of how it works. A junior high teacher is teaching students about electrical circuitry. The teacher can borrow from the college’s lending library of toolkits. Each box has 12 circuit boards that power windows in an automobile. The kits come with a teacher’s guide to using the circuits to demonstrate the concept on something that exists in the students’ lives. Odds are good, students will look at the power windows of their family vehicle in a different way, knowing how electricity works to keep the window functioning.


How to become a partner

There are many ways to join this innovative partnership with Lethbridge College and promote STEM.

  • ACCESS free classroom resources, tools and activities for your classroom
  • SHARE your idea for an inherently relevant STEM lesson that you’d like help actualizing
  • SIGN UP for updates as new resources are created and new STEM ideas come to life

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Facts to know



new apprentices are needed over the next five years to meet demand in Canada1


Trades programs offered at Lethbridge College


Amount of scholarships and awards available to students annually in the skilled trades at Lethbridge College.

Open the door to Trades training

If you know of a student interested in pursuing a career in the trades, Lethbridge College is ready to help them make that dream a reality. Refer interested students to our Centre for Trades page to see the many options, and watch for information on Lethbridge College’s dual credit opportunities, which support a student’s high school success and entry to post-secondary trades training.

14 trades programs offered at Lethbridge College

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“Knowledge of STEM subjects is more necessary in the trades than you might think. But for those who felt math or science were not a strength, they often find when they use it in everyday life, it’s a lot less intimidating and might make more sense.”

— Dan Van Haberden 
Automotive Service Technician Apprentice 2003 
Two-time Alberta Skills champion 
Secondary teacher, Calvin Christian School

Lethbridge College: Your Partner in STEM thanks our partners in Westwind School Division who have been working on this project since its inception, and the Government of Alberta for funding through the Apprenticeship Partnership Grant.

1 source: Employment and Social Development Canada